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‘Colony’ Season Two finale: Total Rendition

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Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Don’t let all the Spoilers alienate you!

So before diving into Season Two, a quick recap – some time ago, the world was invaded by actual aliens, in spaceships with scary technology and all that jazz, and they divided the world up by gigantic walls into blocs. The story of the Bowmans, the Authorities, the Resistance and yes, occasionally aliens, began in Los Angeles, and Season Two branches out into further what-was-California territory.

Our story continues with Will Bowman, despite his job with the Authorities clashing with his newfound awareness of his wifes activities within the Resistance, insisting on going to hunt down his youngest son Charlie in the Santa Monica bloc, of course by himself. He finds Charlie with the help of his old before-aliens-landed partner, who also takes a hell of a lot of chances helping Will and Charlie get out of the bloc, and ultimately, she comes off the worse for it.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, Katie Bowman is concerned about her daughter being taught what sure sound like cult ravings about The Greatest Day, which we gather is some kind of brainwashing about how to treat the alien overlords when they do finally come to lay claim to our planet in person. Katie’s sister Maddie and her ladder-climbing husband Nolan Burgess are attempting to hang on to their cushy Transitional Authority positions by any means necessary, and that includes betrayal most foul, occasionally of each-other.

The eldest Bowman boy, Bram, got himself tossed into a teenager work gang, which of course former-Proxy Snyder has to stick his nose into because, as he would say, leverage is wherever you find it. A shakeup in local TA leadership, handed on down from much higher authority that we see for the first time in Season Two, is bringing down all kinds of heat on Will, Snyder, and Broussard.

Yes, much as he really didn’t want to, Broussard has to come out of hiding with his Resistance cell, for all their sanities’ sake if nothing else. The Red Hand, another Resistance group causing all kinds of trouble for the TA and the Bowmans, prove to be yet another obstacle for Broussard to get anything with his own cell done. Yet word from other Resistance cells outside the L.A. bloc is trickling in, and even shows up in person in a latter episode.

It was, I think, Bram’s involvement with the terrorist attack his little friends at the work gang perpetrated on the alien ship, that began the hunt for the whole Bowman family. Then we had Katie stealing a census list from Maddie, that led us to understand the L.A. bloc is being emptied out for purposes unknown. And of course Will is trying to juggle working with the TA and simultaneously lying to his newly-saddled partner, along with the safety of his family and yes, sigh, his ultimate decision to actually aid the Resistance however he can. Aunt Maddie gets sacrificed by Nolan on the altar of self-preservation, and all the remaining Bowmans have to take to hiding, with only Brussard left from his entire cell being wiped out, to help. And then Snyder, we must never forget he’s a scheming little weasel, gets the news that the entire Los Angeles bloc has been sanctioned for total rendition, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Or is it? The Bowmans have made it out, yes, with that damn gauntlet and Snyder the tracking weasel is with them, but we only saw the spaceships coming for the refugees of Los Angeles. I guess I shouldn’t have expected the gathered ships above the bloc to blow shit up Independence Day style, that’s never really been Colony’s way. But because that’s all we saw, we won’t get to know until Season Three, yes there is one they’re already filming it, if Aunt Maddie was vaporized, sent to the Factory, or what!

Season Two made a conscious effort to expand beyond the small borders of the first Season of Colony, and that’s good because they kind of needed to do that to keep the story interesting. All the Bowmans got their own screen time and own story, which they tried their best to intertwine with the main narrative; most of the time, they succeeded. More than anything, Colony is a human drama centered around a relatively small core of Scifi, so we can’t expect Ridley Scott alien visions – yet. Because the L.A. bloc is now done one way or another, the show will have no real choice but to begin to delve further into the RAP aliens – or risk alienating their audience. But strong acting performances all around and solid story to build on, Season Three of Colony will literally be the one to watch for.


Act of Valor

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Reviewed by Alicia Glass 

Studio: Bandito Brothers

MPAA Rating: R

Director: Mike McCoy, Scott Waugh

Review Rating: 8

An elite team of Navy SEALS track and eliminate terrorists all over the world!

I did enjoy the movie, but then, my mother was in the Navy for 16 years. My husband has family who was in the military; a great many of my friends are former Navy nuts too. So most of us have an inherent appreciation for what the movie is trying to present – just how cool the Navy SEALS really are. All the other facets of their lives are present, in the forms of their families and poignant get-togethers on the beach or whatever, and there are plenty of sad-sad moments sprinkled throughout the movie, complete with their own long-pan shots and piano music. But every scene where the SEALS are under fire, down behind enemy lines, or getting the video game perspective gunshot shots, is done with love and pride, and an almost desperate desire to show off their badassery. Much is made of their sacrifice for our country, and I sure can’t dispute that. What isn’t really shown is the long and arduous training they have to go through to get to that point, but, if you’re watching this movie, that’s pretty much a given.

So we start off with the team being called into action, the last night before the mission where they have a family cookout, and the movie introduces each character on the team complete with a bio. (I like that, it cuts out a lot of unneeded blather.) After saying goodbye to all the families (and the narrator emphasizing how important that is), off they go on the mission, which happens to be rescuing a female Cuban operative who just happens to know too much. On precious little information, these SEALS do a HALO jump into a foreign country, at night. Okay, badass moment #1. Their discipline holds despite the screams of the target echoing into the jungle, and they do manage to get her, even though one of em takes a bullet to the face, and yet he’s still up and screaming. Badass moment #2. Off the team goes to, where is it Africa?, on another related mission, to catch a bad guy who’s off lounging on a yacht. The leader of the squad, called Senior most of the time for Senior Chief, does the interrogation of the caught bad guy, and I must say I would not want to be him for that. Badass moment #3. Yet another mission, to go catch the, let me see if I got this right, the Filipino Muslim Jihadis who are plotting to enter the US through Mexico armed with vests that explode in a very Swordfish manner. Badass moments abound!

The movie was advertised as having genuine active duty Navy SEALs starring in it, and I gather that was for accuracy’s sake. Which is fine, most of the movie IS entirely accurate, despite some of the video game-like shooting perspectives. I’m betting they did that on purpose anyway. As I told my husband when we watched it, anyone who’s played and enjoyed a first person shooter game, will get a great kick out of this movie!