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SDCC 2017 ‘Krypton’: What House are you backing?

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By Alicia Glass

It takes real nerve to come out and do a Comic-con panel for a highly anticipated show that technically hasn’t aired yet. That is one giant way to generate interest in the new show, true, but it’s still a big gamble, because what if even an SDCC panel isn’t enough. However, The Originals panel (I think) being before Krypton, there was plenty enough audience left to give a good showing.

The panel featured Cameron Cuffe (Seg-El), Executive Producers David S. Goyer, Cameron Welsh and Damian Kindler, and was moderated by DC universe amazement Geoff Johns himself. Johns is the President and Chief Creative Officer of DC comics, y’all, and has held these posts since 2010, so bow down.

Set two generations before the long-legendary Man of Steel’s time on earth, the new show Krypton features Seg-El on the titular planet fighting to redeem his ostracized families honor and engaging in forbidden romance with, who else, the House of Zod. Given that this is yet another attempt at a TV show having to do with the Big Blue Boy Scouts family and the House of El, Krypton seems to have set their standards almost impossibly high, and are working on giving a sweeping epic backstory to what is arguably the most well-known comic character in history, so we’re talking planet-sized hero boots to fill.

Almost immediately the EPs and Mod Johns launched into a list of well-known DC characters that will be featured on Krypton – Brainiac, with his own immersive storyline; that monster Doomsday; Adam Strange in an appropriately oracular role; even a new take on Hawkgirl. Jones happily went on to spoil that a Black Mercy (I thought he meant a car) would be in the pilot episode, it belongs to a character named Mongul, and if you’re any kind of fan-atic about the Superman part of the DCU, you’ll know why the audience erupted into cheers. EP Cameron Welsh talked briefly about the forbidden romance between Seg-El and the House of Zod, saying that Lyta Zod the youngest is the heartthrob in question, while her mother Alura Zod is the Primus of the Kryptonian military guild which makes her, say it with me, General Zod.

Jones was very personable and effortlessly charmed all the fans in the audience, many of whom were at least 40+something and lifelong Superman fans. Recalling the early days of terrible villain costumes, Johns laughed, “No, there will not be any headbands for the bad guys. That’s not until Season two!” Johns raved about the production values for the show, the all-encompassing effort at world-building, prompting Damian Kindler to practically wax poetic about the same: “We are attempting to build one of the most beautiful, grand TV series on the air. One of the things that’s constantly coming back in conversations is a sense of scope – we want you to be watching and going, ‘wow, this really is another world’. We have some of the most wonderful special effects houses in like 5 or 6 different countries building effects for us this season, we have one of the most talented production design teams I’ve ever worked with. And having Geoff (Johns) right in your house, saying, ‘This is the world, go build it’, has easily been the most exciting job I’ve ever had.”

Of course Johns was asked about cross-overs with other DCU characters, and made the very clear statement that, “Krypton is a stand-alone show,” for which I personally am very grateful. After a great spoiler-laden panel and a bunch of fan-squee and questions, Johns wound up the panel by saying they all tried very hard to make a show where the legions of DC fans out there would finally say, ‘They got it right.’ I sure hope so too, Geoff Johns, and I’ll be watching Krypton when it airs in 2018 on the Syfy channel!


‘Cosplay Melee’ Premiere: Swing for the Fences!

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Reviewed by Alicia Glass

So the SyFy channel is taking another stab at the fandom with the mostest, the cosplayers! You know, those insane peoples who like to make their own, often movable, skit-able, even stage and screen-ready costumes, to bring their favorite fandoms to life! One can’t even say it’s a kids or younglings game anymore, in the premiere episode one of the contestants was over 40. This is a fandom that people of all ages, genders, colors and backgrounds love, and is generally acknowledged by true cosplayers as all-inclusive, meaning no-one should ever be excluded or discouraged from cosplaying, for really any reason. (The so-called Ambassadress of Cosplay, Yaya Han, got herself some disapproval after she claimed on the short-lived SyFy show Heroes of Cosplay that cosplaying isn’t necessarily for people with larger body types. And that was the nice way of re-wording what she said.)

Cosplay is officially a full-fledged fandom these days, rather than any kind of hobby. And it would have to be, considering cosplay can now cost you would not believe how much money, often to make a single costume replication absolutely spot-on perfect, and yet still be able to wander around conventions wearing it the entire time, of course posing for multiple pictures too. Cosplayers rarely get paid (I wanted to say never but times are changing and cosplayers are being hired to advertise video games and such now), and the making of these fan-atical costumes require a ton of work, time, and energy. I think everyone should try it, but honestly not everyone can do a good Cosplay. If we’re gonna have a game show based around the ability to Cosplay, it had better be good, better, best, a passion, an obsession, a love that is almost scary. And that’s actually what this new show seems to be presenting, thank goodness.

We have a host who is also a judge, Yvette Nicole Brown, of Community fame and apparently a huge fangirl of all things geeky; LeeAnna Vamp, named as one of the “Best Comic-Con Cosplayers of All Time” and nerdy fashion model, fan-atic, and all-around jane of all things geekery; and Christian Beckman, builder, costume designer, creator, President of Quantum Creation FX, Inc., his creations have adorned movies like Tron: Legacy, Men In Black 3, and Ender’s Game, just to name a few. Basically, we have the “everyman, I love everything” Judge (Brown), the “make it pretty” Judge (Vamp), and the “make it work” Judge (Beckman); that totally works for me.

Four contestant cosplayers come in to the lab, very similar to the one they have for Face Off, they get given the theme for this contest, and then they go by rounds to get to this weeks winner. The pilot episode theme is Space Opera, and the opening challenge is to begin from the head down, with a helmet or headgear for your original character from whatever fandom you’ve chosen. On to our contestants!

Fred, the eldest at some 40+, loves him some SciFi, and of course the gateway drug to that world was inevitably Star Trek, so guess which space opera he picked for his character. Xavier is the tall and very quiet black guy, the huge Star Wars fan who’s already made a fan-film from the ‘verse and making that armor was what got him into cosplaying in the first place, so his characters theme is chosen too. Grace is a cop in real life, somehow even with that incomprehensibly long red hair, so she chooses a bounty hunter character in the Guardians of the Galaxy universe, where badass women abound, as it should be. And finally, Alicia of the mermaid hair is mildly uncomfortable in this genre, so she chooses the world of Chronicles of Riddick for her character, with their Necromonger armor as inspiration.

The first round concludes and while I didn’t agree with the judges’ elimination choice (as often happens on these kinds of SyFy shows), I stuck around to see what the remaining contestants would come up with and who would win the $10,000 prize. Round two consisted of mechanical parts being presented to the players, that they had to make some sort of flying jet-pack doohickey with as part of their characters’ costume. Hot glue, flying craft foam and mayhem ensue.

In the end, the quiet Star Wars fan who was bullied as a child took home the win, as his costume was the most cohesive and easily read as being from the Star Wars universe. The judges were all kind and helpful and reluctant to choose one over another and thereby eliminate anyone, but I felt that’s simply because they wanted to encourage the players to continue doing what they love, cosplay, and not play up any lack on their part that caused the loss of the contest.

So far it’s a fairly standard SyFy contest show, in the vein of Face Off and the like, that you could actually learn cosplay techniques from if you pay attention. Not everyone has access to giant portable heaters and hot glue guns and craft foam with designations like they came from an aircraft carrier, but the show is making sure to name at least some of the things they’re using, and sometimes suggesting cheaper alternatives. It’s a fun little show and worth giving a try at least once.

Celebrate all the fandoms and fan-atics with Cosplay Melee on the SyFy channel, Tuesdays @ 10/9c!

‘Wynonna Earp’: Join Team Earp

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Reviewed by Steve the Space Wizard

Website: Wynonna Earp

 Wynonna Earp is my favorite new SyFy series. I say that like I have a lot of favorite series on SyFy, but it really is just this and Battlestar Galactica. Wynonna Earp is a show about the great granddaughter of Wyatt Earp who inherits his magic gun which is used to hunt demons, so as one can expect, there’s a huge helping of cheese to be found here. Cheesy as it maybe, it does have its charm. Besides, I kept watching Battlestar Galactica long after it jumped the shark so I’m not too picky with my choices of entertainment, as long as it’s fun. And Wynonna Earp sure is fun.

The pilot episode introduces us to Wynonna Earp, a jaded, wise-cracking and perpetually peripatetic vagrant who returns to her hometown for her uncle’s funeral. We see that there a lot of demonic rednecks about, 77 “revenants”who returned from the dead and somehow stuck in this tiny town out in the boonies, which is incidentally called Purgatory (yeah it’s not subtle show). Purgatory isn’t exactly a charming place; it’s in the middle of nowhere and the residents are shown as stupid and annoying, and that’s not even counting the revenants. Wynonna’s family in Purgatory consists of her long-suffering aunt Gus, and her adorable younger sister Waverly. Her uncle was killed by the revenants to lure Wynonna back to Purgatory. Why? Because the Earps have a curse; each time an Earp heir turns 27, the 77 revenants return and the heir has to kill them all. Nothing and no one can kill the undead demons except the heir of Wyatt Earp, who inherits his gun Peacemaker as a family heirloom. Peacemaker is the only thing that can dispatch the revenants to hell; they were formerly bandits killed by Wyatt Earp back in the day. If you can accept this premise, you’re in for a good time.

Also introduced in the pilot is Agent Xavier Dolls, a tough, no-nonsense agent of a secret division of the US Marshalls that hunt monsters. Agent Dolls recruits Wynonna into his unit, called the Black Badge Division, and by the end of the pilot she’s forced to give up her vagabond life and killall the monsters. Also wandering into town is Doc Holliday, the original Doc Holliday, who isn’t dead – he was just stuck in a well for all this time (yup, the premise really stretches itself). He hasn’t even aged, thanks to a curse that’s befallen him, because everybody’s cursed in this town, as if being stuck in a remote town that’s full of idiots and/or killer zombie bandits isn’t a curse enough. Doc Holliday is on a mission of vengeance, and we haven’t quite found out what or who he’s after just yet. We’re only two episodes in, but there’s enough mystery and monsters and intrigue to keep me watching. Our hero Wynonna is portrayed as equal parts badass and goofball, which should be charming, but it doesn’t quite mesh (yet). I am generally not bothered by terrible acting (I’m more offended by inconsistent storytelling), but often I find the performances lacking. However I did watch all of seasons 1 and 2 of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and I tell myself it always gets better, so I am going to forgive the show’s shortcomings and I am on Team Earp.

Wynonna Earp airs Friday nights on SyFy.

The end of ‘Dominion’: The angels have truly fallen

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Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Creator: Vaun Wilmott

Website: Dominion

Review Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Based on the movie Legion, the SyFy show Dominion follows a world where God has left us, angels are real and they’ve come down from heaven to terrorize us mortals, plus the one young man reputed to be the savior of humanity!

It would help to have seen the movie before trying to watch the show, but it isn’t a true requirement. The show usually has a preface before each episode, explaining that some 20-odd years ago God up and left the world, and the angels and their hierarchy came down and began an extermination war on humanity. The lesser angels began possessing humans, turning them into a vampire-zombie-like hybrid angel-monster with unnatural speed and strength, black eyes and jagged teeth. The higher angels, most notably archangel Gabriel, led an extermination against humanity, and succeeded by a good margin. From 2013 all the way to 2022, millions of humans were slaughtered by angelic hands, and what was left of humanity banded together in the leftovers of American cities, particularly Vega, New Delphi and nearby Helena. Gabriel (Carl Beukes) leads the angelic armies against the humans, while archangel Michael (Tom Wisdom), believing he was tasked by Father to find the savior and keep him safe, flies off to find his own destiny!

And that is pretty much where we are when the show starts. Inside Vega, the V-System, an occupation-based social class ordering dreamt up and implemented by General Riesen (Alan Dale), has led to all sorts of underground hurt feelings and potential uprisings. The Senate has Lady Claire Riesen (Roxanne McGee), the General’s daughter and Consul David Whele (Anthony Head) constantly at eachothers throats, jockeying for position and control while trying desperately to keep the cities denizens safe from encroaching 8-balls (what they call lower angels who’ve possessed humans) and archangel armies. Nearby female-run city Helena occasionally sends envoys and potential allies, sometimes enemies too, to Vega, usually in the form of Arika (Shivani Ghai) and her minions. New Delphi is another nearby city that not many Vegans know a lot about, but rumor has it their leader Julian (Simon Merrells) has access to all kinds of weapons, supplies, and even an 8-Ball army all his own!

The mythology of what happened to the world, the Extermination war on humanity by the angels, plus the restructuring of cities and the defenses to keep the angels out, the defection of Michael and his attempts to aid the last dregs of humanity and the mighty Savior, are given out piecemeal over the course of the show. The politics of Vega are fairly easy to understand, though one would think that the humans would finally have actually banded together against the angelic horde, rather than continuing to jockey for position and as much power as they can continue to grasp. David Whele is the best example of this, being willing to sacrifice everything he has up to and including his own fractious son, for power against the angels just a little while longer. While the winged monsters are battering against the city gates, Whele is plotting with Arika, or making deals with Gabriel, or talking himself out of execution, yet again. Whele seems to represent the flip side of humanity, our pettiness and greed and selfishness, even in the most dire of situations when we should be coming together against the outside Enemy. Played by the forever-awesome Anthony Head, Whele is the worst kind of character you find things in common with, to your everlasting shame, and serves as a warning against giving in to your darker desires.

Then there’s Alex Lannen (Christopher Egan), the savior himself. Always and forever the reluctant hero, it took Alex several episodes to embrace his newfound powers and tattoos. It did get a shade tiresome, because we’d rather be seeing Alex exorcise 8-balls or fighting armored archangels, then hear him whine about destiny yet again. His little side romance with Lady Riesen and his angelic cohort Noma (Kim Engelbrecht), was more or less fine and demonstrated the better aspects humanity had to offer.

Much ado is made over the long-standing feud between angelic brothers Michael and Gabriel. Gabriel leads the angelic armies against the humans, scoffing at the idea of the Savior until it turns out that the child is very real and those magical tattoos Michael was safely holding for the later use of the Savior have been passed on to his guardian. Michael and Gabriel have been arguing and fighting amongst themselves since, oh, since they both can remember really, which is a very very long time, given the idea that angels live forever. They argue over what happened to Father, what Father would want them to do, but angels were never meant to be without a chaperone of some kind, and so order-less Gabriel leans toward the destruction of all humanity, while Michael searches for any kind of peace, between humans and angels, but also within his own heart. The whole storyline of the town of Mallory and what Michael found there, and also what found him, was interesting, if a little odd. Believe me when I say I really wish they had introduced Lucifer sooner.


And why is that? Because, my dear crazy angel lovers, Dominion has been cancelled after only its second season. At the very least, the show ended on a very strong note. For those who had been watching the show from the beginning, and they started very strong, being the most-viewed scripted series on Syfy in its first season and all. Season two’s numbers rapidly slid though, and the angels have truly fallen. The last episode really stuck it to several key characters, we could’ve have seen some awesome and horrific actor do Lucifer on the show, we even got to see Lady Riesin’s eyes blacken! We fans will never know the answers to the questions the last episode brought up, and we wanted to know, which is a good feeling for the show to go out on. We’ll miss you, the angels who both loved and hated us, and the humanity that continued to thrive even in the face of angelic extinction!

Movie Moxie loves TV presents Neverland

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Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Director: Nick Willing

Studio: SyFy

Review Rating: 8

In turn of the century London, Peter and his pals are pickpockets surviving under the mastery of Jimmy, who convinces them to steal a magical treasure that transports them all to Neverland.

It’s actually not a bad premise at all, for SyFy. Everyone knows the story of Peter Pan, flying leader of the Lost Boys, the boy who never grows up and can always be found fighting the villainous pirate Captain Hook, right? Then there’s also the side stories with the Lost Boys, the Indian Princess Tiger Lily love story, and of course the ever loyal Tinkerbell and the fairies to take into account. But couldn’t all that timeless story stand with some modernization, or even a re-take on it? On we go!

It is a SyFy channel presentation, just bear that in mind. This means most of the backgrounds in fairyland are very…CGI and I’m sorry to say, fake-looking. Noone bothers with sets anymore! But that’s just a personal peeve. So Peter and his gang, who have improvised whole methods of thievery, getting out of being caught, and even communication signals via Peter’s flute, work for the notorious and desiring of legitimacy Jimmy. (Yes, that Jimmy.) And there’s this magical glowing orb thingie that Jimmy desperately wants Peter to steal, so after bungling the job quite a bit, the whole lot of them get transported and meet a whole new cast of characters. Dangerous pirates, led by the power-mad Elizabeth Bonny; Kaw Indians and Tiger Lily; and of course Tinkerbell and the fairies. Everyone wants the fairy dust the fairies make, especially the pirates, and of course the ambitious now-Captain James Hook is all for that. Peter, who has a loyalty complex as far as Jimmy goes, tries to do as Jimmy commands, but after meeting up with the Indians and the fairies and learning the consequences of his intended actions, decides to band everyone together to fight.

I don’t want to give the ending away, but it is a very SyFy ending, a lot like their retake on Alice in Wonderland. Worth a watch for the imaginative re-storytelling, Neverland will make you want to fly and fight the bad guys too!

Movie Moxie loves TV presents Lost Girl

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Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Creator: M.A. Lovretta

Website: Lost Girl

Review Rating: 7

Bo is what turns out to be a Succubus, thrust into the world of the Fae without choosing a Light or Dark side, with her trusty gothic sidekick Kenzie.

So apparently the world the Fae includes things like vampires, shapeshifters, and yes even Succubi. Now, if you happen to be a fan of the storybook Fae, or movies or history or whatever, then you know already that they have their own cultures and traditions and castes and clans. That does not include Succubi and the like, who are technically Demons. Doesn’t matter – we go on. All sorts of Fantasy-style creatures are mentioned in this interesting modern take on the Fae world – like a creature from Japan, a Kappa, who is once again technically a water demon (which means something very different to them) and can be considered a Fae, sure. There’s a bar owned by a Dwarf, where Bo meets with a lot of these Fae over drinks.

Bo is a Succubus, sexy and seductive and dangerous, yes. This means she feeds off humans (and others) when she has sex, and has been running from city to city leaving a trail of dead bodies behind her. She comes to some as yet unnamed city, gets entangled with the Fae there, and gets told she’s one of them. Of course now Bo has to decide which side, Light Fae or Dark, to belong to, and give up her cherished newfound freedom. So Bo decides, to belong to neither side, but still be involved in this whole Fae world, not that she really has a choice. She takes up residence in the city in some rundown place, with Kenzie, and begins trying to forge relationships with the various Fae she knows, learn about her real parents, and control her “condition”.

I actually rather enjoy this series, and frankly didn’t expect to. It is SyFy, so the ability of the writers and the CGI used is anyone’s guess. I enjoy the Woodland Fae Dyson that Bo seems to have latched onto; Kenzie has the best one-liners anywhere; and the interesting dynamic between Bo and the human doctor trying to help her manage her “condition” and not be seduced in the process makes for really steamy scenes. The show does rather remind me of Laurell Hamilton’s book series Meredith Gentry, all about Fae royals in modern times. For fans of the SyFy channel and the whole Fantasy/SciFi/Horror mashup deal, this show could be for you.


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  Beginning October 2nd and continuing through the 24th, SYFY IS SHOWING FIVE NEW RELEASES from our 2010 Festival. All times are Eastern Standard Time, but check local listings to confirm.

Saturday Oct. 2nd at 9:00 P.M.
Saturday Oct. 16th at 11:00 P.M.

Sunday Oct.3rd at 9:00 P.M.
Sunday Oct.17th at 11:00 P.M.

Sunday Oct. 3th at 5:00 P.M.
Sunday Oct. 24th at 1:00 A.M.

Saturday Oct.16th at 7:00 P.M.

Saturday Oct. 16th at 9:00 P.M.
Saturday Oct. 23th at 11:00 P.M.ON STANDS NOW – KILL THEORY & HUSK