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‘Cosplay Melee’ Premiere: Swing for the Fences!

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Reviewed by Alicia Glass

So the SyFy channel is taking another stab at the fandom with the mostest, the cosplayers! You know, those insane peoples who like to make their own, often movable, skit-able, even stage and screen-ready costumes, to bring their favorite fandoms to life! One can’t even say it’s a kids or younglings game anymore, in the premiere episode one of the contestants was over 40. This is a fandom that people of all ages, genders, colors and backgrounds love, and is generally acknowledged by true cosplayers as all-inclusive, meaning no-one should ever be excluded or discouraged from cosplaying, for really any reason. (The so-called Ambassadress of Cosplay, Yaya Han, got herself some disapproval after she claimed on the short-lived SyFy show Heroes of Cosplay that cosplaying isn’t necessarily for people with larger body types. And that was the nice way of re-wording what she said.)

Cosplay is officially a full-fledged fandom these days, rather than any kind of hobby. And it would have to be, considering cosplay can now cost you would not believe how much money, often to make a single costume replication absolutely spot-on perfect, and yet still be able to wander around conventions wearing it the entire time, of course posing for multiple pictures too. Cosplayers rarely get paid (I wanted to say never but times are changing and cosplayers are being hired to advertise video games and such now), and the making of these fan-atical costumes require a ton of work, time, and energy. I think everyone should try it, but honestly not everyone can do a good Cosplay. If we’re gonna have a game show based around the ability to Cosplay, it had better be good, better, best, a passion, an obsession, a love that is almost scary. And that’s actually what this new show seems to be presenting, thank goodness.

We have a host who is also a judge, Yvette Nicole Brown, of Community fame and apparently a huge fangirl of all things geeky; LeeAnna Vamp, named as one of the “Best Comic-Con Cosplayers of All Time” and nerdy fashion model, fan-atic, and all-around jane of all things geekery; and Christian Beckman, builder, costume designer, creator, President of Quantum Creation FX, Inc., his creations have adorned movies like Tron: Legacy, Men In Black 3, and Ender’s Game, just to name a few. Basically, we have the “everyman, I love everything” Judge (Brown), the “make it pretty” Judge (Vamp), and the “make it work” Judge (Beckman); that totally works for me.

Four contestant cosplayers come in to the lab, very similar to the one they have for Face Off, they get given the theme for this contest, and then they go by rounds to get to this weeks winner. The pilot episode theme is Space Opera, and the opening challenge is to begin from the head down, with a helmet or headgear for your original character from whatever fandom you’ve chosen. On to our contestants!

Fred, the eldest at some 40+, loves him some SciFi, and of course the gateway drug to that world was inevitably Star Trek, so guess which space opera he picked for his character. Xavier is the tall and very quiet black guy, the huge Star Wars fan who’s already made a fan-film from the ‘verse and making that armor was what got him into cosplaying in the first place, so his characters theme is chosen too. Grace is a cop in real life, somehow even with that incomprehensibly long red hair, so she chooses a bounty hunter character in the Guardians of the Galaxy universe, where badass women abound, as it should be. And finally, Alicia of the mermaid hair is mildly uncomfortable in this genre, so she chooses the world of Chronicles of Riddick for her character, with their Necromonger armor as inspiration.

The first round concludes and while I didn’t agree with the judges’ elimination choice (as often happens on these kinds of SyFy shows), I stuck around to see what the remaining contestants would come up with and who would win the $10,000 prize. Round two consisted of mechanical parts being presented to the players, that they had to make some sort of flying jet-pack doohickey with as part of their characters’ costume. Hot glue, flying craft foam and mayhem ensue.

In the end, the quiet Star Wars fan who was bullied as a child took home the win, as his costume was the most cohesive and easily read as being from the Star Wars universe. The judges were all kind and helpful and reluctant to choose one over another and thereby eliminate anyone, but I felt that’s simply because they wanted to encourage the players to continue doing what they love, cosplay, and not play up any lack on their part that caused the loss of the contest.

So far it’s a fairly standard SyFy contest show, in the vein of Face Off and the like, that you could actually learn cosplay techniques from if you pay attention. Not everyone has access to giant portable heaters and hot glue guns and craft foam with designations like they came from an aircraft carrier, but the show is making sure to name at least some of the things they’re using, and sometimes suggesting cheaper alternatives. It’s a fun little show and worth giving a try at least once.

Celebrate all the fandoms and fan-atics with Cosplay Melee on the SyFy channel, Tuesdays @ 10/9c!


‘Star Wars Rogue One’ Trailer two will blow you out of the stars

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by Steve the Space Wizard

Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer Two is out and hot damn, I got goosebumps. We get a better idea of Jyn Erso’s role in the film; she’s a criminal who’s been pretty much given a suicide mission. You know we just saw a film like that didn’t we? Well, imagine that but in space. Yet, it doesn’t reveal too much more, like a good trailer should.

We see the Empire’s power grow across the galaxy, the ominous shadow of the Death Star looming over entire worlds. That shot of the Death Star eclipsing the sun? That’s expert film making imagery right there. The Empire blocks out the light, both metaphorically and literally. I’ve missed that kind of visual storytelling. Not just from Star Wars, but from a lot of genre movies in recent times which crams the screen with visual effects but don’t know how to make a visual impression. Well done.

The other images we see in the trailer are those of war; gritty, dirty, and painful, like war is. We had that in the original trilogy (and The Force Awakens), and we see it now. Gone are the cartoony battles of the prequels. Shit gets real now. Ground battles, rocket launchers, and Jyn Erso stares down a TIE fighter because she’s that badass.

The final shot of Darth Vader should make fanboys and fangirls weep with joy, and I almost did too, but that Death Star eclipse will haunt me. Why isn’t it December yet?

‘Rogue One A Star Wars Story’ official teaser trailer drops!

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by Steve the Space Wizard

Today is a good day, fellow nerds, for a trailer has dropped from the Disney-Lucasfilm behemoth for their new Star Wars film, Rogue One. As you know, Disney is going to make good on their 4 billion dollar investment by making a new Star Wars film every year to perpetuity. Before last year’s smash success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we were all left wondering if the franchise was just a shambling corpse of a dead horse, beaten repeatedly by George Lucas until we all pitied it. However, Disney and Kathleen Kennedy, the new custodians of the franchise, seem to have turned it relevant and exciting again. This trailer is no exception, this thing looks bloody amazing.

If you didn’t know already, Star Wars: Rogue One is the story about the rebels who stole the plans to the first Death Star. No, not the one the Bothans stole, I already hear you lot making memes about Bothans dying. No, this is the one where the Rebel forces, striking from a hidden base, have scored their first sweet-ass victory against the bloody Galactic Empire. It’s like they took the opening crawl to Episode IV and fleshed it out into a script. It’s the prequel we deserve, and the one we need right now.

The film stars Felicity Jones as the whimsically named Jyn Erso, a rebel agent who kicks ass and takes names, and doesn’t look like she’s too fond of authority. My kind of hero. We see Forest Whittaker play what looks like a mentor type character to Jyn, and fleeting glimpses of the other rebels. We see a dude in a white military outfit, teasing us expanded universe fans with what looks like the first canonical on-screen appearance of an Imperial Grand Admiral.

What stood out in this teaser was just how familiar the look and feel of the film was to classic Star Wars. We see Yavin IV, looking exactly like we remember it from A New Hope. We see Mon Mothma, played by an actress who is a spitting image of the original Mon Mothma from Return of the Jedi. Inspired casting right there. I can’t believe we have to wait till December for this. Till then, may the Force be with you!