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‘Spiderman Homecoming’: Meet Peter Parker the Protégé

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Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Director: Jon Watts

Studio: Marvel Studios

MPAA Rating: PG 13

Review Rating: 7 out of 10

Web-slinging spoilers catch more than flies!

Coming off the dubious success of the previous Captain America movie, wherein Spiderman was introduced as a protégé of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), we find Peter (Tom Holland) feeling rather too large for his admittedly smaller life back home with May (Marisa Tomei). In this outing, Pete simply calls her ‘May’ and it is only the first of many odd un-Spidey-like actions he takes. Dutifully attending high school and trying to stay out of trouble while sincerely frustrated with the held-back feeling of all the good he could be doing, if only Mr. Stark would but let him. There are bad guys in Pete’s neighborhood, stealing alien tech that’s the consequence of the wider-world fights between the Avengers and other alien invaders and selling it to other bad guys, or forging new weapons and tech from these salvaged parts for their own nefarious purposes.

Pete’s been telling everyone at school and home that he has an internship with Tony Stark, when in reality, it seems as though Stark has left his protégé behind to linger in mediocrity. While Spidey is off with his spiffy Stark-made suit with the training wheels still on, rescuing cats from trees and stopping eensy-weensy thefts, the Avengers are in theory out there having mega-battles with who-knows-what kind of alien villains, and Pete is heartily sick of it. It kinda sorta helps when Pete’s best pal Ned (Jacob Batalon) finds out about his double-life and starts fan-squeeing at him day and night, but seriously, chemistry labs and the academic decathlon are nothing compared to the Avengers world. Yet the film often insists on tossing in we’ll say half of Pete’s so-called “normal” life, like your first major high school party, with the other half, like a tiny bank robbery that turns into murder by alien high tech, in a manner almost expectant of Spidey instantly able to do the necessary thing; poof. We need our Hero Spider-Man and we apparently needed him like yesterday – what’s the rush?

I totally get wanting to fly again after Spiderman’s cameos in the previous movie, but come on fellows. Most of the fans and the general MCU folk want Spider-Man to join the Avengers for whatever varied reasons, but you can’t expect him at a Toby Maguire level if he never had time to be at an Andrew Garfield level. And that’s another place the movie just feels weird – the apparent age of the Spider-Man and his support cast, you know, the high school kids, the girly crush and the best friend who suddenly morphs into ‘the guy in the chair’ level tech mastery. Many of the characters in the film are in an awful hurry to grow up, but that’s unfair to those familiar characters and especially to our beloved web-slinger himself. Spidey trains extra-hard to live up to what he thinks Stark’s expectations of him are, far beyond the point of risking his own safety, and crucially, no real regard for how his actions may affect his loved ones. No Peter Parker-Spider-Man I ever heard of did that (there are other comic book incarnations of Spider-Man now too). Why insist on sticking him in with the Avengers at this young age, and more bogglingly, why cast Tony Stark of all people in the missing-father role? It is what it is; onward we go.

The bright spot in an oddly endearing little fan-film version of Spider-Man we have here, is Michael Keaton as Vulture, and Adrian Toomes. I always thought Keaton’s double performances were some of the best Batmans I had ever seen, and his astounding job in the recent gem Birdman was quite good, so casting him in this beleaguered father role was a very smart move. He took what was essentially, let’s be honest, a boring leftover villain from the glorious 60’s only ever meant to forward the Avengers plot, and made him fun and maybe even a little relatable. How many of you can honestly say, with access to that kind of tech and a bunch of imagination, that you wouldn’t make another version of Vulture, or something like it, for yourself?

Every Spidey film has to have a gigantic “Spidey saves the day!” moment, and Homecoming is no different in this regard. But crossing the epic Spidey-Vulture fight with the high school academic decathlon field trip imminent-elevator-death scene was kind of ridiculous. And the very end scene where Pete finally goes to visit Tony Stark in the new HQ, was once again, mostly all about Starks attempts at mentoring. Does Pete’s decision mean he won’t be in the next Avengers movie? I highly doubt it.

Catch the web-crawler and his flying pals in ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’, in theaters now!

‘Gotham’ Season 2 Finale: Place your bets

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Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Season Two of the grittiest and arguably the darkest DC show on tv, our beloved Gotham, gave us the rise of so many villains, and answered so many burning (sometimes literally) questions, while of course bringing up brand new ways to put the laughter back in the slaughter our familiar Batman bad guys are doing. We met the legacy of the Joker in Jerome, we explored Arkham, took on the Court of Owls and Azreal himself, and that’s only the beginning. The casino, hell the fun park carnival ride of your deepest nightmares is coming to life in the underbelly of Gotham’s streets, and Jim Gordon, plus you know a forever exasperated Harvey Bullock and some cops too, are the only ones who can stop them!

I loved me some Penguin this season, but then, I am biased. Robin Lord Taylor is a giant sweetheart in real life, at least at Cons he goes to, yet he does great justice to the character Penguin. He kept trying to find himself, and nothing ever quite seemed to fit just right. We only knew him for an episode or two, but an amazing Paul Reubens, yes that guy, as Penguin’s long-lost father this season was epic. For me, it rather felt like we had been given a gift, a mini backstory from those few moments of Tim Burton’s Batman Returns where the Cobblepots (and a younger Paul Reubens as Father again) attempt to murder their monstrous son. If Father and son had known each-other a little bit longer, oh the mischief they could have gotten up to. As it stands, Penguin got his spirit back in the end, and in an enduring legacy from his graceful Father, a sense of fashion and dress unlike any other Gotham villain, clearly iconic and marking him as the Penguin Godfather we all know and love.

Oddly, as much as I adore Cory Michael Smith in the role, Riddler seemed relegated to a move-the-story-along character this season, and that’s unfortunate. Ed has always been presented as being at least potentially smarter than all of them, at least in his own mind, but too often this season he laughs maniacally and oh, just does whatever and mostly the right (for the bad guys) thing happens to, or because of, him. I got that when Ed killed his girlfriend and buried her, he went a little Mr. Happy psycho nuts for awhile, but then he decided to frame Jim Gordon and get him off the police force and off his case. Right? Why? Jim is clearly distracted by this other villainous nonsense, why does Ed keep reminding him? Because Jim needed to be outside the law when things really started to pop off and by then, Ed’s in Arkham along with the rest of them. Ed got found out, completely plausible, trooped off to Arkham, okay, and now he makes friends with Hugo Strange and plots his escape. I suppose I buy it, we just thought perhaps Ed’s smarts outweighed his crazy. Not this time. This season has been marketed as The Rise of the Villains and The Wrath of the Villains later on, but poor Ed’s part of the story struck me as a descent. His wrath wasn’t quite up to par either, but Ed only just became a villain, and so he gets some slack.

We’ve come round to Hugo Strange and oh the many twisted things he’s done. If you thought Arkham Asylum was bad, Indian Hill, where the real monsters live, is worse hell. Awful experiments go on down there, human/animal splicing and modern necromancy just for openers. A poor young girl, Selena’s friend in fact, nearly died from all those burns she took. Yet here she is reborn as the goddess Firefly in all her scarred and flame-throwing glory. Strange raised Victor Friez, that poor frozen dead man and his frosty wife story, from the dead and weaponized him, which worked for me and looked quite cool, but kind of relegated that whole epic tale to a side jaunt. Strange even brought Fish Mooney, you know you just heard Jada Pinkett Smith snarl her name in that voice too, back from the dead, memories intact and as unique as ever. Wong does well with iconic Hugo Strange mannerisms, somehow even the pinkish Lennon shades work too. Though his assistant, Ms. Peabody in her improbable purple lipstick glory, makes me distinctly uncomfortable. Which I assume is the whole point of her.

So, what do we know? We know most of the iconic characters of the show have managed, by means both fair and foul, to get into Arkham and even into Indian Hill. Where Hugo Strange is currently being told by his Masters to transfer all the patients and blow up the damned facility. Who’s the lady in the white owl mask? Oh that’s a very big can of worms, just go look up DC’s Court of Owls and prepare to be astounded. They want Strange to be able to resurrect the dead with their full memories and personality intact, no small job. Yet Fish Mooney lives, commands, hell she escapes and takes the bus-full of crazies with her. Fish survived the crash, took Butch and company, and let Penguin live after he fainted at the sight of her – it’s a very scary Fish Mooney return. We know Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox are now playing the quiz game with a maniacal Ed Nygma; from them we know Wayne Industries runs Indian Hill, and that boring little board of directors does not run Wayne Enterprises. It’s a secret society thing apparently.

We know that holy cow, Harvey Bullock can’t make speeches to save his life, and yet somehow he’s going to make a great GCPD Captain anyway. Heart you forever Harvey Bullock, especially when played by Donal Logue in all his rumpled glory. We know that Bruce Wayne will never be a boy again, he is now a little man capable of great acting and subterfuge, violence, even poverty. We know that Alfred Pennyworth forever and always kicks so much ass, Sean Pertwee just rocks that part so bloody hard.

I’d like to state for the record that we missed Morena Baccarin as Lee for most of this season, she was much better at grounding Jim Gordon than anyone else. Then again, some of the things he had to do in the fight against the freaking Mayor, Theo Galavant, or when he resurrected as Azrael (super-cool DC comics nod) or against Hugo Strange too, Lee didn’t need to be around for that. I was sorry she and Jim’s would-be child suffered the absentee cutting room floor treatment though. It is worth noting that we the audience didn’t actually see Lee disappear or suffer a miscarriage, so it’s entirely possible for a Baby Gordon problem out there in the next season.

Where do we end the Rise and the Wrath of oh so many beloved Batman villains? With yet more villains spilling out of that crashed forgotten bus, that’s where. Let the speculations begin, place your bets! Was it Killer Croc, certainly plausible with monster genes and non-aging involved; was that Man-Bat, that poor misguided scientist type who experimented so wrongly on himself; how about even a Jerome-infected laugh? And let us not forget the Bruce Wayne lookalike, whom we could lay wage is Lincoln March (don’t click unless you like major spoilage). Oh Gotham, you do justice to my love of Batman bad guy mythos. You’ve set the stage for a danse macabre of mobsters and real monsters in season 3 and I cannot wait.

It’s already been confirmed by the show that season 3 will have the Mad Hatter and the Tweedle brothers, presumably working with him; plus one of my personal favorite villains, Solomon Grundy, in what I sincerely hope will be the Halloween episode; and in keeping with the groundwork for mythology already laid for the Court of Owls, Talon should make an appearance as well.

There is literally nothing else like Gotham on TV right now, mixing the gritty cop drama with the magically psycho world of pre-Batman DC comics. It will be far too long a wait for season three, but I’m betting it will pay off in the end. Season one built the mob-laden world of Gotham’s underbelly, and season two absolutely reveled in the monstrous mayhem of legendary Arkham Asylum, so the mixing of crazypants mcstabby over here and armed-to-the-teeth gangsters over there virtually guarantee a hell of a badass heroes journey for James Gordon in season three. Seriously, if nothing else, mini-Catwoman Selina (Camren Bicondova) is the most wonderful little cat-burglar-in-training toughie we love as an adult; her scenes of mini-romance with Bruce Wayne this season gave long-reaching echo to the epic push-pull love between a certain thief and a be-costumed dark knight.

Justice League: DOOM

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Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Studio: Warner Bros Animation, DC Entertainment

MPAA Rating: PG 13

Director: Lauren Montgomery

Review Rating: 8

The Legion of Doom, formed on a plan run by villain Vandal Savage, squares off against the Justice League!

So, for anyone who may not know, Vandal Savage (Phil Morris) is a bad old man. Really old, truth be told. And being old and rich and nasty, Savage has a plan to rearrange the world in his own image. First, we take out the entire Justice League so they can’t prevent what’s about to happen next. Then, in theory, a solar flare that Savage is enhancing in his major villain-like way will destroy we’ll say a good third of the Earth’s population. And then, Savage and the Legion will be free to divide up what’s left into their own little fiefdoms, lorded over by Savage himself, forever! But, how to accomplish taking out the JL first? By sending in Mirrormaster (Alexis Denisof) to infiltrate Batman’s computer systems and stealing all the pertinent files on the JL members, that’s how. And then, all hell breaks loose.

Each member of the Justice League gets a fight or confrontation with their Legion of Doom counterpart. Wonder Woman (Susan Eisenberg) fights Cheetah (Claudia Black), who dopes our lasso heroine with something that makes her see her opponent everywhere, including in the faces of innocent bystanders and policemen. The Martian Manhunter (Carl Lumbly) while in his guise as John Jones, gets dosed by a guised Ma’alefa’ak (one of the few other Martians left alive) and gets his unique physiology set aflame. Not wanting to harm anyone else, John has to figure out how to either put himself out or take himself out. Flash (Michael Rosenbaum) gets led to a mistaken train robbery, where he has to deal with a clever bomb that Mirrormaster managed to get attached to his wrist. Slow or stop, and Flash goes BOOM. Green Lantern (Nathan Fillion) has to deal with a hostage situation in a mine shaft, where he gets to enjoy what he thinks are several deaths of onlookers and a confrontation with a villain from his past, Star Sapphire (Olivia d’Abo). Superman (Tim Daly) gets lured to the roof of the Daily Planet to stop an apparent suicide attempt, only to get himself shot with a kryptonite bullet after he thought he had talked the guy down. And finally, the bodies of Batman’s own parents have gone missing, so he’s a bit distracted when the confrontation with Bane (Carlos Alazraqui) comes. After extracting himself from his own personal nightmare, Batman (Kevin Conroy) grabs Cyborg for help and begins trying to put things back in order.

I get to say it, I have to say it, at least once. Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom!

Because it turns out, well…These plans that the Legion of Doom is actually using, the fact that all these individual challenges against the Justice League are working, however temporarily, yeah, they came from Batman’s own head. In case the JL ever went the way of the Legion, Batman had a plan to figure out how to incapacitate each individual JL hero, all save his own self, of course. So even after all the Justice League heroes are saved from their individual challenges, I won’t say how just recommend watching the show already, they still have to deal with what’s left of the Legion and Savage’s solar flare plan. Even if the entire JL isn’t thrilled with Batman’s hero-turned-bad contingency plans, noone can fault him really for having them – someone needs to think of everything. And as far as Batman not having a contingency plan for himself, if he ever does go too far into the shadows, that’s simply not true, he does – the Justice League itself. Which is awesome.

Comic-Con International 2013

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Comic-Con International is one of those insane events that happens once a year, that everyone and their family looks forward to. Shwag is given out in spades, autographs are hoarded, lines are formed for miles, and cosplay is proudly displayed, often by folk who are considered completely “normal” otherwise. CCI is like it’s own world, with it’s own rules, and it helps to know them if you’ve never been to Comic-Con before. For example:


Literally right across the street from the convention center, past the trolley tracks and the hordes of fan-atics trying to cross the street, is always set up as the ads and the FREE STUFF. Often new or returning TV shows are advertised with exhibit walkthroughs and at the end, you get a FREE something with the shows logo stamped on it. Clever geegaws, FREE photos with sets as backdrops, games and trivia and hotties giving out t-shirts, oh my! Someone this year was a genius, and for the Dracula walkthrough, the FREE thing given at the end was a chair. Now I grant you, it’s just a folding piece of cardboard with ads printed on it; the thing still supported my weight during those interminable lines for more FREE STUFF, so that’s awesome. All day Thursday, all I did was wander around the across-the-street area, didn’t even go in to the convention center itself, and yet I came home with a bulging bag of FREE STUFF. There was even a place giving out free half-pints of ice cream, advertising Elder Scrolls. I do not kid.



Sometimes, not always, you can be in the right place at just the right time. I was in line for the Falling Skies trailer exhibit across the trolley tracks, when a Volunteer came out with t-shirts over one arm and announced to the line he was doing FS trivia, and asked who on the line was a fan?! …*crickets* Really? Well, I’m a fan! After gleefully giving some trivia about the latest show, I was handed the last in a lot of only 200 made, the Volunteer said, of an official Falling Skies hoodie, with a patch and a logo and thumbholes in the sleeves. This happens to me, as a rabid fan, often, and who knows, it may happen to you too!



Several years back, someone else was a genius and started giving out these high-end bags to hold shwag as part of the Comic-Con package when you pick up your badge. Everyone gets one, they usually have some sort of theme, and this year is no exception. This years CCI bag featured Warner Bros. (of course) and CCI on one side, the other side reserved for ads for shows like ARROW, Retro Batman, The Vampire Diaries, The Big Bang Theory, and many others, also featuring double arm straps so the bag could be a backpack, thank heavens. But that wasn’t the highlight of this years bag, oh no. Along with the CCI bag and it’s helpful lugging-stuff goodness, each bag came complete with a detachable ad cape. I grant you, it’s this cheapo piece of fabric with a logo screened on it and neckties, but come on. Now everyone can Cosplay at Comic-Con!

2. The LINES

In Comic-Con, there are lines literally everywhere. For the panels, for the Halls, down in the shopping mall, and don’t forget the FULLFILLMENT ROOM. (We’ll get to that.) The lines in the Exhibit Hall, where we do all the shopping and yes get more FREE STUFF, are often girded by Con security and hapless Volunteers with signs that don’t really work. Usually after Friday, the lines for the really swell FREE STUFF become impossible unless you attended such-and-such panel beforehand and received the postcard that entitled you for a FREE t-shirt advertising their movie. The Exhibit Hall frankly, has needed for years traffic signals and cattle prods, and not necessarily in that order. You were warned.



The LINES for Hall H and Ballroom 20 need to be addressed as well. It’s been years since I’ve bothered at all trying to get into either one of these rooms, and with good reason. Hall H and Ballroom 20 are the largest venues at Comic-Con and therefore have the coolest panels shown there. Hall H in particular gets insane, due to the fact that the overflow line is outside (someone finally put up tents a few years ago to shield the line from the sun, hooray) and these days people will often camp out overnight to ensure getting in to Hall H the next day. I’ve heard stories of die-hard fans camping out there three days before the Con was to open, just to see their favorite star in real life. And I think that’s why these lines are so insane: most of these people get to see a real-life celebrity once in their miserable lives, here at Comic-Con. Even the lines for the smaller roomed panels are getting interesting, so nevermind what the website says. If you want to see a panel, any panel at all, come early for the line.



CCI some years back instituted this sort of reward program that gives away yet more FREE STUFF advertising various programs shown at Con. At a lot of the panels, while you’re sitting there listening to Noah Wyle crack wise about Falling Skies or whatever, Con Volunteers will pass out along the lines of Con-goers these little faire-type tickets. What not everyone knows is to keep these tickets, they’re not for a raffle you’ll never win or anything, it’s for the FULLFILLMENT ROOM. Next door to the convention center is the Marriot Hotel, and here is where the FULLFILLMENT ROOM is set up. What they don’t tell you, is that the ROOM is set up in the very back end of the Hotel, and the place usually only has Volunteers with signs for the ROOM about halfway through the Hotel, if at all. Also, inevitably, there are lines of eager Con-goers already in the know about the ROOM. However, if you’ve kept your non-raffle tickets (I store mine in the back of my Con badge, that always works) and walked huffing and puffing all the way to the ROOM, stood in the interminable lines and tried to be nice to the harried Con volunteers, you can get yet more FREE STUFF. Bags from everywhere under the moon, posters and comics and booklets oh my, in previous years I got full-on video games with unlockable content, bracelets and pins and don’t forget the t-shirts, all with the logo of your favorite movie or show!


A lot of people go absolutely apeshit insane trying to do Cosplay for Comic-Con. I tried it once or twice a few years ago, and truly, it does not mesh with wandering the exhibit hall with a bag stuffed full of free shwag. But there are a couple of things I’ve learned about the Cosplayers and their ways. One, they always prefer to be asked before you start blinding them with a camera flash and effectively block their way to wherever they’re going by mobbing them with picture-taking. Two, very few of them actually mind if you come right out and ask where their costume is from, if you don’t know. A lot of those Anime Cosplayers can get downright obscure, and they know it, so if you don’t know, ask already. Three, after you take their picture and thank them for it, say something nice about their costume already. It costs you nothing to say, “Love the shoes” or “You look just like the Khaleesi”, even if you don’t mean it. And who knows what it cost the Cosplayer to make that costume; show some appreciation for their fan-aticism and love, if nothing else.






Comic-Con International is an event like no other in the whole world. Every year people from all over the planet come here to San Diego in massive hordes for this four-day insanity extravaganza. Yes, the lines are terrible, the crowds are massive, and the heat is stifling. Yes, there are always disappointments: I didn’t get in to the Doctor Who panel, I didn’t get that geegaw from thus-and-such retailer I really wanted cuz’ they sold out on Thursday, I missed the pirate ship walkthrough because they closed it a day early, et cetera. But what you do get in exchange for all the headaches is an experience like no other. I saw Travis Fimmel from Vikings live and in person, I came home with four free bags of shwag, I spent all the money I studiously saved just for this event in the exhibit hall on fan things, and overall I had a blast. Comic-Con brings together people from all over, who all have one thing in common: I’m a fan. In a lot of cases, we’re all insane fan-atics, and Comic-Con connects us all for those four glorious days of squees, cheers, and die-hard unabashed and unapologetic geekdom!

Ranted & Photographed by Alicia Glass





Movie Moxie covers SDLFF 2012 — Labios Rojos (Red Lips)

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Reviewed by Alicia Glass


Director: Rafael Lara

Review Rating: 8

Successful Ad-man Ricardo has the perfect life with his wife Blanca and two children – until the roof falls in, Ricardo can’t “rise” to the occasion, and it all culminates with hilarious consequences.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect – the movie is lauded as a comedic romantic melodrama, and it’s all about a guy with erectile dysfunction. And yes, the opening sequence narrated by Ricardo does have a lot of nudity and masturbation, but hey, we have to establish a sense of the main character, and his apparent obsession with red lips. We move from adolescent discovery, to teenage desperation, to young adult ardor and thence marriage and the kids, and the path of a seemingly perfect life laid out. But then Ricardo changes jobs, gets seriously stressed out, and begins being unable to have the relations with the wife, who of course goes out of her mind practically trying to find out why. The fact that there are children, but they’re barely shown in the movie and certainly aren’t the driving force behind the lack of arousal, was a fine choice on the part of the movie makers in my opinion. It’s a cheap ploy that’s been used way too often, and the movie has such strong acting in a universally understood manner, that that sort of plot point really isn’t needed.

So Ricardo starts doing as many remedies as he can get his hands on, such as “wake-em-up tea”, promiscuous brotherly advice, clubbing and even sadly “variety”. While his wife Blanca turns to some unlikely characters for helpful advice – her mother, who advises her to bear with it, since it’s really not as bad as some of the other things her husband could be doing; the flamingly homosexual friend who works with Ricardo and makes seriously poor assumptions; even a pair of friends who so generously remind Blanca that she’s aging and bodily things are falling, leaving her to get burned-assed at a skin treatment spa. Blanca makes a stab at the dress-up and toys approach with Ricardo, and it seemed to be working even a little, only to be ruined when the kids come in and say they want to dress up as Batman and Catwoman too! Ricardo is running around smoking like a chimney, trying to get his new ad campaign with a difficult client going while thinking he’s being followed by the Freeway bandits, and even being pursued by a very lithe female coworker. And Blanca is even getting so desperate she even goes to a Brujo (Wizard) and almost ends up getting raped, plus the comedic detectives she hired to find out what Ricardo’s up to get her in a mistaken car accident and almost arrested! It all culminates in a scene where Ricardo and Blanca finally do what they should’ve done way at the beginning of the movie – talked to eachother. And then they express their love, and Ricardo finally rediscovers his stirrings, when he returns to his wife’s red lips.

It’s a lovely, funny movie, and I enjoyed it immensely. Jorge Salinas, who stars as Ricardo, was actually there for the showing of the film, along with his co-star Silvia Navarro as wife Blanca. Their entire opening speech was in Spanish, and I wish there had at least been a translator – I bet there was all sorts of interesting tidbits about the movie from the two main stars that I missed.

The Dark Knight

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Why so serious?

Why so serious?

Reviewed by Alicia Glass





Studio: Warner Bros Pictures

MPAA Rating: PG 13

Director: Christopher Nolan

Review Rating: 9 out of 10


Everyone’s favorite vigilante with a fetish for bats is back, to battle Gotham’s mobsters, the new anarchist psychopath calling himself the Joker, and to try and save the city’s shining light, Harvey Dent the District Attorney.


Just about everyone knows about the unfortunate death of Heath Ledger, who starred as the Joker in this movie. And while it is entirely unfortunate that he died, frankly if one was to choose a movie to go out on, this would be it. Ledger stole the show. Or rather, Heath Ledger as the Joker stole the show, because frankly you really can’t tell it’s him, which I think is entirely the point. The Joker is a complete whackjob, damn good at it, and never apologies for a single thing he does, much less explains it. When you do get to the end of the movie and figure out what the Joker’s real plan was, it is truly devastating. And note, the Joker didn’t actually die. It’s a real tragedy that Ledger won’t be able to return to play him, let us hope the movie folks leave him the character laurels and call it good.


Christian Bale as Batman is, as always, a roaring performance of barely-held-in emotions, dark counterpoints, and cheeky one-liners. His faith in Harvey Dent’s ability to save the city from the mobsters rallying around the Joker in just the nick of time is, while uplifting, a tad misplaced. But the dark knight has to have a white knight to believe in. Unfortunately for everyone, the Joker knows this.


And here we come to Harvey Dent, outstandingly played by Aaron Eckhart, Gotham city’s District Attorney and later the avenging pained killer Two-Face. Somewhere towards the beginning of the movie, Harvey Dent, after sending a whole slew of mobsters to jail and getting a gun pulled on him and even mis-fired right in the courtroom, without missing a beat, slugs the guy who pulled the gun. It seems to set the tone for Dent’s character, the fearless bravado in the face of the persecution and hatred of the mobsters he’s trying so hard to put away, and then the Joker and his insanity. Just remember, the better you are, the farther you have to fall. Poor thing.


And of course, we have Maggie Gyllenhal as returning love interest Rachel Dawes, Morgan Freeman as Fox, Gary Oldman as –Commissioner- Gordon, and several other fairly large names. Most everyone is overshadowed by Ledger, and that’s truly impressive.


The movie is a bit long in the tooth (or is that fang?), it’s true. It takes awhile to tell the entire backstory of Two-Face, especially with the Joker’s encouragement. So use the bathroom first, bring lots of munchies, and prepare for a ride of epic Batman proportions!