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Law Abiding Citizen

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Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Studio: Warp Films

MPAA Rating: R

Director:  F. Gary Gray

Review Rating: 7.5

 Ten years after his wife and daughter were murdered and one of the killers has escaped justice by making a deal with the legal systems, one extraordinary husband decides to take justice into his own hands.

 This film is indeed everything it promises from the previews, trailers, and interviews with the cast members, except for one thing – the ending. But we’ll get to that. So, we have Clyde Shelton, a far from ordinary engineering genius who loves his family literally beyond death. Clyde is beaten pretty badly when his home is robbed, not enough to kill him but hard enough to prevent him from saving his wife and child. And then one of the bad guys makes a deal in court, to get himself 3-4 years in jail while his partner who was supposedly the only one responsible for the killings, goes on death row. Clyde’s lawyer Nick tries to tell him it’s a good deal, that’s how the justice system works, blah blah, just live with it already since I already took the deal. Clyde, played by the memorable Gerard Butler, just stares at Nick the lawyer played damn well by Jamie Foxx, with tears shining in his eyes before leaving.

 Now, fast forward ten years. Ten long years in which Clyde has had the chance to brood, plot and plan. And boy, has he, he’s thought of everything – escape routes, legalities, bombs, you name it. First the guy on death row dies in a bone-wrenchingly agonizing way, hey that’s not supposed to happen, lethal injection is supposed to be painless. One for Clyde. Then Aimes, the bad guy who copped the plea, is found dead with most of his parts separated from eachother, and that includes his head. There’s a wonderfully dark scene where Clyde tells Nick what he did to Aimes in minute detail, and while yes it’s quite sick, I find it hard to believe that there weren’t a lot of people out there thinking the exact same thing. (Whether or not a person would have the stomach to actually do it, is another matter.) Clyde tells Nick he’s bringing shocks to the legal system, to show just how corrupt and worthless it really is, and continues on a series of intricately timed deaths, while sitting in solitary confinement in prison. Ordinary, law-abiding citizen my ass. Anyway, there comes a point where Nick and some police friends of his do manage to find Clyde’s plotting lair, figure out what his end game plan is, and foil the hell out of it. Which rather bothered me, the ending and what they do to poor Clyde. (No, I won’t spoil that, at least.) While I do agree that a line has to be drawn somewhere, I think Clyde just brought to life (or a lot of death, ha) what a lot of us would like to do, especially in the name of justice.


Many explosions and death make for a raucous good time, although the ending might make you want to explode!



The Test Market Evolution Coverage

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Check out TME at the San Diego Film Festival









TME at the Chiller Eyegore Awards,

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios

















TME Coverage of the San Diego Asian Film Festival


Covered by Alicia Glass

SDFF 2009 — Day Four

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Join us for a day filled with filmmakers, actors, celebrity guests,
panels and workshops and tons of movies. 

Filmmology – Panels and workshops on screening writing, acting,
filmmaking and auditions from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Little Critics – A collection of short films for kids of all ages,
followed by an animation workshop for kids 4 and up. This event is

Before We Close and Pushing 30 – Two World Premieres of feature films
shot in San Diego.

Reach for Me – Seymour Cassel will be in attendance to receive the
Indie Icon Award.

The Good Mother – The search for the greatest mother in America.

Repo – The World Premiere with Ben Gourley and Jason Mewes (Clerks,
Jay and Silent Bob) in attendance

Formosa Betrayed – SOLD OUT

Severe Clear – An initimate, unprecedented look at the military from a
soldier on the inside.

Neshoba – An eye-opening look at our country’s relationship with oil.

The Job – World Premiere starring Ron Perlman, Joey Pantoliano, Taryn
Manning and Katie Lowes.

American Harmony – An entertaining look at the cut-throat world of
barbershop quartets.  Enjoy a live performance at 5 p.m. in the
theater lobby.

Her Name Was Steven – CNN Presents a heartfelt story about Steven’s
transition to Susan.  Susan scheduled to attend.

Pulling John – A story of a hero and the opponents who look up to him.

Film Rocks! – A high energy, non-stop showcase of the synergy of film
and music!

Plus encore showings of Deadland, Twist and Crush Shorts, A Lonely
Place for Dying, and Cruzando.

After all those films, head over to Hotel Solamar for the 944 Actors
Ball and Awards Ceremony where we honor the best and brightest films
and filmmakers in this year’s festival. 

Open to VIP, All Access and Saturday Day pass holders. Must be 21 to

All films are screened at the Gaslamp Theater, 701 Fifth Ave, 92101

Tickets are $12. Passes are $39 – $129.

Learn More.

SDFF 2009 — Day Three

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Tonight is the night to mix and mingle with many of the filmmakers
from this year’s festival.

Tonight’s Films include:

Cruzando – A road-trip tale about friendship, fatherhood, and
self-discovery that winds itself through the distinct culture of the
Texas-Mexico border.

No Brainer – Come meet KBG’s own talented morning show team Dave,
Shelley and Chainsaw.

Crush and Twist Short Film Series – An emotional roller coaster of
short films that will make you laugh, cry and perhaps even try to fly.

A Lonely Place for Dying – Stars Oscar Nominee James Cromwell (L.A.
Confidential, ‘W’, The Green Mile)

Deadland – SDFF Alums Gary Weeks and Damon O’Steen (29 Reasons to Run)
return with their latest sci-fi action thriller.

Prince of Broadway – On the streets of New York, a baby is thrown into
an unexpecting hustler’s arms. Nominated for an Independent Spirit

Jesse’s Story – A story not about surfing, but about inspiration.

William Shatner’s Gonzo Ballet – Come and meet Mr. Shatner as he hosts
a Q&A following the screening.

Beyond Belief: Honeymooning at Burning Man – Come in costume and
prepare to be amazed.

The Boys Are Back – Starring Clive Owen. See it first before it opens
in theaters in November.

Adventures of Power – A Sundance Film Festival favorite for the rock
star in everyone.

After the films, join us for our largest get together – The Limelight
Public Relations Industry Party at W Hotel San Diego.  Open to VIP,
All Access and Friday Day pass holders. Must be 21 to attend.

All films are screened at the Gaslamp Theater, 701 Fifth Ave, 92101

Tickets are $12. Passes are $39 – $129.

Learn More.

San Diego Film Festival 2009 — Day One

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A few tickets are still available for the 2009 Opening Night Film –
Like Dandelion Dust – tonight at 7 p.m. at the Gaslamp Theater. 
If you are attending, please plan on arriving at least 45 minutes
prior to the film start time.

Barry Pepper, Kate Levering, Maxwell Cotton Perry as well as producer
Kevin Downes all scheduled to attend.

Jack and Molly Campbell (Cole Hauser and Kate Levering) are a happy
couple enjoying an idyllic life with their six-year-old, adopted son
Joey (Maxwell Perry Cotton) in Florida, when a phone call turns their
world is turned upside down.

Joey’s biological father (Barry Pepper) has just been released from
prison. He is ready to start his life over with his wife Wendy (Mira
Sorvino) and their son. A judge’s quick decision deals a devastating
blow to the Campbell family: Joey must be returned to his biological
parents. In the days that follow, the Campbell’s scramble to devise a
plan to keep their son. They could take Joey and simply disappear…

* Stars Academy Award Winner Mira Sorvino, Emmy and Golden Globe
Nominated Barry Pepper and Cole Hauser

* “WINNER” Best of Fest – Palm Springs International Film Festival

* “WINNER” Audience Choice Awards – Sonoma, Vail and Sedona Film

PARTY – After the film, join the cast and crew at the Se Hotel for the
GQ Lounge Opening Night Party Presented by Patron.

Open to VIP, All Access and Thursday Day pass holders. Must be 21 to

All films are screened at the Gaslamp Theater, 701 Fifth Ave, 92101

Tickets are $12. Passes are $39 – $129.

Learn More.

Best Fest San Diego 2009

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Best Fest Poster-Final

Spike Scream Awards 2009 Voting Begins

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 4th Annual Global Event Honoring The Blockbuster, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror and Comic Book Genres of the Year

Tapes Saturday, October 17 At The Greek Theater In Los Angeles

 “SCREAM 2009” Nominees Chosen By Advisory Board of Hollywood And Genre Leaders Including

Tim Burton, Wes Craven, Roland Emmerich, Neil Gaiman, Frank Miller, Eli Roth,

Zack Snyder And Many More

 Two-Hour Event To Reveal Exclusive World Premiere Footage Of The Most Anticipated Releases of 2010

 Voting Begins Today Only At


New York, NY, August 31, 2009 – “Resistance is futile” this October as Spike TV
<>  presents the fourth annual “SCREAM,” the first and only
global event of its kind to honor the best in  sci-fi, fantasy, horror and comic
genres.  Taping on Saturday, October 17 at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles, CA,
“SCREAM 2009” celebrates the hottest films, tv shows, comics, actors, creators,
icons and pioneers who have influenced and shaped the industry.  This year’s show
will also continue the tradition of featuring exclusive World Premieres from some of
the most anticipated movies of 2010.  The two-hour extravaganza will premiere on
Spike TV on Tuesday, October 27 (10:00 PM-Midnight, ET/PT).  Presenters and musical
performers will be announced shortly.
“Eight out of the 10 highest grossing films of all time are in  the ‘SCREAM’ genres,
which is due to the incredible passion and loyalty of these fans,” said Casey
Patterson, executive producer of “SCREAM 2009” and senior vice president of event
production, talent development and studio relations for Spike TV.  “We’re thrilled
to once again to present the only global event honoring their heroes.”
Some of the nominees’ reactions include:
“Without all of the fans, the claws would have been sheathed a long time ago! 
Thank you so much,” said Hugh Jackman after hearing he was nominated for two
“SCREAM” awards and “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” was nominated for 13.
“Everyone knows it's the VILLAINS who have the most fun.  Thanks to the ‘SCREAM’
team and congrats to everyone at ‘True Blood.’  This is very exciting for the whole
show,” said Best Villain nominee and star of  HBO’s “True Blood” Alexander
"Thank you for the nomination and thank you for letting me frighten you.  I look
forward to doing it again sometime soon,” said Ryan Kwanten after hearing he was
nominated for Best Horror Actor for his role as Jason Stackhouse on “True Blood.”
"Getting nominated for kissing a Vulcan is a better fate than logic," said “Star
Trek’s” Zoe Saldana after getting word she received two “SCREAM” Awards nominations
for Best Breakout Performance: Female and Best Science Fiction Actress.
J.J. Abrams’ Sci-Fi action-adventure “Star Trek” tops the list with 17 nominations
including The Ultimate Scream, Best Science Fiction Movie, Best Director, Best
Ensemble, Holy Sh*t Scene of the Year and a nod in the all-new Fight-to-the-Death
Scene of the Year category.  Comic book-inspired blockbusters “X-Men Origins:
Wolverine” and “Watchmen” each nabbed 13 nominations, while HBO’s vampire-themed
television series “True Blood” garnered nine nominations. 
Ballots were sent out to Spike TV’s “SCREAM 2009” advisory board, consisting of some
of the most respected and well-known members of the horror, sci-fi, fantasy and
comic book worlds who were responsible for advising on categories and determining
nominees in each category.  All films, television shows and comic books were deemed
eligible for inclusion if they were released between August 9, 2008 and July 15,
2009 and were representative of the genres listed.  Winners will be determined by
online voting at <> .



Esteemed members of this year’s advisory board* include:

*A full list of Spike TV’s 2009 Advisory Board members can be found on


Tim Burton, (writer/director/producer “Edward Scissorhands”)

Wes Craven (writer/director “A Nightmare on Elm Street”)        

Roland Emmerich (writer/producer/director, “Independence Day,” “The Day After Tomorrow,” “2012”)

Neil Gaiman (writer/producer “Beowulf,” “Stardust,” “Mirrormask”)

Frank Miller (writer/producer/director “Sin City,” “300,” writer/producer “The Spirit”)                                      

Eli Roth (writer/producer/director, “Hostel,” “Cell”, “Cabin Fever”)         

Zack Snyder (director, “300,” “Watchmen”)

Beginning today, Monday, August 31 and continuing until Saturday, October 17 fans can vote for their favorites, as well as view exclusive red carpet and backstage coverage of the event, by visiting