‘Class’ Preview: Teenaged Torchwood terrors?


by Steve the Space Wizard

Class is a new Doctor Who spinoff, centered around the hijinks of high-schoolers at Coal Hill Academy, the place the very first episode of Doctor Who began at, and subsequently revisited by Capaldi’s iteration. I thought it was supposed to fill the void left over by the unfortunate ending of the Sarah Jane Adventures, after the tragic demise of Elisabeth Sladen. However the Sarah Jane Adventures was a show for younger kids, and Class seems to be pretty gruesome, so who knows really? British kids’ shows are pretty intense. Upon watching it though, it feels way too bloody, so it might be a Torchwood replacement.

Meet the bright young students of Coal Hill Academy : Charlie, the mysterious alien kid, Ram the football (soccer for you Americans) jock,April the awkward nerd girl, Tanya the even more awkward nerd girl, and Miss Quill, the delightfully assholish alien disguised as their teacher.Taking a page from the American high school cliche playbook, the kids are about to go to the prom (which is now a thing in the UK too, as I understand it), and evil aliens are invading just in time to ruin it. The setting brings our characters together, as April, Tanya and Tam get caughtup with Charlie and Miss Quill, who are really aliens in disguise, in exileon Earth. Charlie is a gay alien prince, and Miss Quill is a criminal from their world who is serving out her sentence as his servant. In disguise however, Miss Quill is a hilariously obnoxious but brilliant teacher at Coal Hill, while Charlie pretends to be a student in the class.

The pilot episode also sees everyone’s favorite guest character pop in: The Doctor! As our young heroes get inevitably attacked by aliens, the Doctor makes a grand entrance, waves his sonic screwdriver about and generally saves the day, and tells the class they need to do this from now on if more aliens show up. Thanks a lot Doctor.

It’s a great set up though, and we’ll see how entertaining subsequent episodes are. I for one am looking forward to watching Miss Quill at the very least. She’s hilarious.

Class rides the TARDIS to the US on BBC America in 2017!


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