‘Star Wars Rogue One’ Trailer two will blow you out of the stars


by Steve the Space Wizard

Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer Two is out and hot damn, I got goosebumps. We get a better idea of Jyn Erso’s role in the film; she’s a criminal who’s been pretty much given a suicide mission. You know we just saw a film like that didn’t we? Well, imagine that but in space. Yet, it doesn’t reveal too much more, like a good trailer should.

We see the Empire’s power grow across the galaxy, the ominous shadow of the Death Star looming over entire worlds. That shot of the Death Star eclipsing the sun? That’s expert film making imagery right there. The Empire blocks out the light, both metaphorically and literally. I’ve missed that kind of visual storytelling. Not just from Star Wars, but from a lot of genre movies in recent times which crams the screen with visual effects but don’t know how to make a visual impression. Well done.

The other images we see in the trailer are those of war; gritty, dirty, and painful, like war is. We had that in the original trilogy (and The Force Awakens), and we see it now. Gone are the cartoony battles of the prequels. Shit gets real now. Ground battles, rocket launchers, and Jyn Erso stares down a TIE fighter because she’s that badass.

The final shot of Darth Vader should make fanboys and fangirls weep with joy, and I almost did too, but that Death Star eclipse will haunt me. Why isn’t it December yet?


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