FANtastic Horror Film Festival 2014 presents Club Lingerie


Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Director: Jared Masters

Review Rating: 6

To keep open the nightclub owned by her grandfather, Renae employs a bunch of lingerie models to attract business, but they also attract an unknown killer!

Moxie honestly sure what the hell to expect when seeing this movie. Hearing some of those folk involved in the film talk about it being an “exploitation piece” out in the lobby before the movie started, while scantily clad stars (I use the term loosely) from the film wandered about, wasn’t necessarily a rousing endorsement. Exploitation, or in this case SEXploitation films, have never been Moxie’s favorite sub-genre of Horror, but with girded loins and a bucketful of candy (it was Halloween night), off I went to see if Club Lingerie deserved to be shut down or not!

There isn’t a whole lot to say, good or bad or in-between. Shot in a sort of would-be Found Footage style with different color filters, Club Lingerie stars the apparent “Cult film goddess” (and here I thought that was Elvira) Bouvier as Renae, and has her wandering around in lingerie herself most of the time, an older woman who absolutely refuses to acknowledge times marching on, complete with a sugar buddy who could be the killer. After deciding that employing lingerie models would be the thing to save her grandfathers beloved club, Renae holds auditions that are so painfully exploitative, it would make your plastic surgeon wince! The film limps on, as the club gets a revamp of sorts, with other dubious decorations and food and drink offered, a different DJ and the scantily clad girls tromping a catwalk that isn’t. A line of possibles for the killer is played out for the audience, each one more predictable than the last: the territorial boyfriend with the heart of gold, the drag queen transgender would-be fashion mogul and its lusting girlfriend, perhaps the a-little-too-enthusiastic DJ, even maybe the moron guys who keep pushing the limits of what the lingerie models will agree to, while complaining about everything from the food to the well drinks.

The killer and their motivations were literally revealed in the last five minutes of the film, and the whole thing was disappointing in Moxie’s opinion. If you want to make a sexploitation film to break into the Horror world, just do that and don’t skimp on the fake blood. Don’t bother with pretensions of plot, at least until you actually have one.


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