Horrible Imaginings Film Festival 2014 presents Surrealism, Madness, Exploitation Shorts


The Odd Ones

A simple tale of cannibals in the backwoods and revenge on bullies thrown in the bargain, the Odd Ones is a fine little horror sendup from a 15-year-old director!

Review Rating: 7

Director: John Capizzano

HIFF trailer


Lady and the Tooth

A very abstract cartoon that featured, as far as I could tell, a toothless young man who wanted very much to impress his tribe and a lady friend by stuffing as many teeth from other people into his mouth as possible!

It visually looked like something you might find in Dexter’s childhood abbatior, but I wasn’t thrilled.

Review Rating: 6

Director: Shaun Clark



The Headless Nun

Another one of those highly abstract shorts, featuring an escaped thief who happens to have, yes, a headless nun in the passenger seat of his car.

I didn’t get this one at all, but then the psychedelic mushroom-laden visions towards the end made it at least like an odd trip.

Review Rating: 6

Director: Nuno Sa Pessoa



Welcome to the candy store of your worst nightmares. Children are always welcome, the more the better, but the store already has adult patrons sitting at designated tables, and the kiddies get to pick which treats they want to eat! Or is it, which monster will eat them?

This short was astounding and quite possibly the best of the entire block. If ever there was a short that deserved full-length feature film treatment, this is so it.

Review Rating: 8

Director: Miguel Angel Font Bisier


The Stomach

A spirit medium will put you in contact with your beloved dead ones for a price, that’s pretty standard. What isn’t standard, at all, is where the spirits house inside the medium, hence the short name.

A nice little “gotcha!” of a gangster supernatural story.

Review Rating: 7.5

Director: Ben Steiner



She’s pretty, smart, and deadly, she who is known as Kira (Killer In Red Attire, according to the director) will take you on the worst date of your life! Like Dexter, Kira is hardly someone you’d expect to turn out to be a murderer. Such a pretty little thing, she calmly explains to you her need to eat as she fries up your tongue (as least she cooked it) for the first course!

I really enjoyed this short and it was a great one to end this shorts collection of Surrealism, Madness, Exploitations!

Review Rating: 8

Director: Shaun Menzie

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