Amazing Anime of 2013

attack on titan

Attack on Titan

Decades after humanity was nearly wiped out by the Titans and built their sturdy walls, the Titans return to wreak havoc! Based on a manga by Hajime Isayama, this anime explodes out of the TV in every single episode! Eren Yager is a boy with a past even he doesn’t remember, who of course wants nothing more than to join the military and kill Titans with his adopted sister Mikasa and his friend Armin. Training with the Vertical Maneuvering Equipment is hard, but it looks truly bitchin when Eren and pals get the hang of it and start fighting back! Yet their world, as bleak as it is with the Titans crushing walls and morale all but nonexistent in the ranks, is about to be turned yet again, when Eren discovers he himself has the power to turn into a Titan! Attack on Titan also wins for the best Score!

sword art online

Sword Art Online

Not since .hack has there been an RPG Anime worth it’s salt, til now. SAO is a brand new virtual reality Role Playing Game introduced to the world in 2022, where players jack in via their Nerve Gear helmet and experience a much more real version of the gaming world. A little too real, matter of fact, when SAO’s creator Akihiko Kabaya pops into the game and informs everyone playing that they’re all stuck there! Reach the 100th level of the games tower and defeat the Final Boss, and you can leave, but beware, if you die in SAO, you die in real life. Our hero Kirito and our heroine Asuna, who’ve managed to fall in love and make as best a life they can for eachother in these circumstances, are now faced with further trials, as the Real World begins conspiring to keep them apart!



The school is called Hope’s Peak Academy and is very exclusive, taking only what are called Ultimate students. (Ultimate Lucky, Investigator, Super High School, etc.) Somehow average student Makoto found himself here, being informed by the most psychotic teddy bear you’ll ever see called Mokona, that the only way to leave Hope’s Peak is to kill all the other students there and be the last survivor. These Ultimate students are all funny twists on stereotypical Anime characters – the huge male fighter with the flowing hair in a Sailor Moon schoolgirl uniform; the plain Jane who happens to have a split personality of a perverted old man killer; the Gothic Lolita doll who’s a coward; the total jock character who happens to be a girl; even a Stoner goofoff who’s actually rather smart. Every time a murder is committed, Mokona holds a farce of a trial to see if the other students can figure out and accuse who did it, and then punishment is handed down like the harshest schoolmaster ever! Rumor has it the show is up for a sequel season in 2014 too.

log horizon

Log Horizon

Not a contender for the best RPG Anime out there, but since SAO finished, Log Horizon has become the next best thing. Like Fairy Tale if the Anime was made into an RPG-base, LH is based around the same general ideals that seem to be inundating the RPG Anime world. Basically the worlds largest online RPG suddenly becomes a lot more real when the players get sucked literally into the game and have to fend for themselves on the inside now. The Anime focuses mostly on the machinations of Shiroe, awkward young man in the Real World, but a right bastard of a genius when it comes to strategizing inside Elder Tale, and his struggles to carve out a place for himself and his friends!

GITS Arise

Ghost in the Shell: Arise

A four-part OVA as a prequel re-imagining of the Ghost in the Shell universe, Arise is really great for any GITS fans who miss the show. The animation style is a bit different, and so are a lot of the voices, but there the differences end. We have all our favorite characters – the Major with her eternally blue hair, Director Aramaki with brown thinning hair instead of grey, Batou before he was part of the Unit, Paz and Togusa and everyone oh my! The major war is finally over and all our disparate parts are feeling the aftermath sting, since most of our Protags served in the military in some form or fashion during the war. With cybercrimes on the rise, Aramaki is being pressed (and creating his own pressure) to make a specialized team with intent to go on the offensive against the corrupt in their city! We’re even introduced to the Tachikoma precursors, which Aramaki named Logicoma, who is of course adorable.

Reviewed by Alicia Glass 


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