Horrible Imaginings Film Festival 2013 – Shorts


Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Cold Turkey

Director: Thor Arnarsson (Iceland)

Rating: 8

Adam is a cannibal, yet he feels badly about it and genuinely doesn’t want to devour his entire town by the time he’s 50. So over the course of a month, Adam determines to quit cold turkey, not realizing the physical and mental consequences.

I very much liked this one, and it was a great opening running start to the film festival.

Out There

Director: Randal Plunkett (Iceland)

Rating: 7

Rob wakes from what turns out to be a rather bad car accident, missing his pregnant fiancé. He lurches around trying to find her and figure out what happened, only to be horrified by devil worshippers and…monsters in the woods!

A bit of a slow starter, relying heavily on mood, and a clever way to get the audience involved in the story despite it being foreign and subtitled.

All night

Director: Sanns Dixon (San Diego)

Rating: 7

A kind of take on the Caller-Inside-the-House scary story, an operator at an all night call center is bothered by a determined stalker.

I think the short should’ve actually been longer, in order to establish mood so crucial to a story like this being told.


Lamb’s Blood

Director: Adam Anderson (San Diego)

Rating: 7

An odd take on a purportedly Pagan ritual involving a candle and some bad spirits, this short has a heroine determined to get her man, no matter what the cost.

The effects and the way the story is presented could use some work, but the acting was just fine and one can easily grasp the Gotcha! at the end.



Director: Eve Edelsen (USA)

Rating: 8

A battered woman with a unique problem visits the animal shelter, determined finally to follow her ironic dream of becoming a veterinarian.

Now that’s cute and I love it. Who says shapeshifters need to be all understanding and junk?

El Chupugcabra

Director: Aaron Koontz (USA)

Rating: 7.5

There’s this pug dog straight from Hell, see, and you must never ever ever feed him marshmallows. Despite the warning the pug is adopted, and of course a disbelieving father hands over the gooey treat, just to see all Hell break loose!

Completely farcical, and yet still enjoyable.


Bedtime for Timmy

Director: Thomas Nicol (USA)

Rating: 7

Claymation Timmy takes his bedtime seriously, even to taking a sword with him. What Timmy doesn’t know, is that the monsters under the bed have a sense of humor.

It’s very short and there are no real words, but it’s clearly an easily understood happy little Horror Short anyway.



Director: Dimitris Vavatsis (Greece)

Rating: 8

A pair of priests are playing a game with a torture victim. However, it may not turn out to be the game you think.

A slower foreign burn, but the Gotcha! at the end is marvelously universal.


Stay at home Dad

Director: Andrew Kasch & John Skipp (USA)

Rating: 7

A Stay at Home dad gets a Hell of a lot more than he bargained for when he volunteers for an experiment that allows him to breastfeed his own child.

The link shows the entire Short, and be advised, it is rather R rated. Funny, if a bit unpolished, with great potential.


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