Movie Moxie’s 31 Days of Halloween – Day 17 – VS. Fight JHorror vs. American Remakes


Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Ring, Ju-On: The Grudge, and The Eye are the most notable instances of this newfangled phenomenon. Ju-On gives us the story of that cursed rage that cannot be denied or turned aside, which spawned that awful remake starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, but oddly both films were directed by the same man, Takashi Shimizu. Ring is more or less exactly like it’s counterpart, save for a few details here and there in the storyline and the nationality of the stars, but we have to remember here, they did it first. The remake of The Eye is perhaps the most tragic of all, due to Jessica Alba’s role in the nightmare world of, wait for it, Mexican Voodoo. Both movies have the idea of a blind person who gets a transplant suddenly having visions of some terrible accident they have to prevent from happening, but our take on it was one of the worst remakes evar.


Shutter movie poster onesheet UK

It can’t be denied that we Americans like to say, “Hey that was nifty – and I bet I can do it better!” In some few instances, we’re actually right. Scary CGI, better makeup effects (did you know Rick Baker did the makeup for The Ring?), and yes, occasionally an easier read to the storyline. JHorror can be very subtle at times, and sometimes we want everything laid out flat for us in a Horror movie, like the Shutter remake. Potentially Pulse too. Dark Water at least gave us more charming actresses to yawn over. Even One Missed Call makes a sincere effort to entertain, no matter how poorly it’s been received.

So who wins? That’s easy. JHorror wins, hands down. They did it first, in most cases they did it better, and our insistence on trying it ourselves clearly demonstrates the rarity of original creativity left in Hollywood.


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