Movie Moxie’s 31 Days of Halloween – Day 8 – VS. Fight Haunted Locations vs. Mobile Ghosts


Reviewed by Alicia Glass

The Amityville Horror story has been remade any number of times, but at its very basic roots, is a haunted house story. The Shining is an epic example of a huge and nasty haunted hotel, complete with elevators of blood and imposed madness. Thirteen Ghosts is a literal Hell of a film, where a haunted mansion was deliberately created with some seriously pissed off incarcerated ghosts. Stephen King’s Rose Red is a whole series based around a haunted manor that seems to demand human sacrifice. Ju-On: The Grudge and all it’s subsequent remakes, sequels, and knock-offs, spawned a whole new genre of haunting films. And of course Poltergeist has to be mentioned, for creating it’s own legacy in American haunting filmmaking. Even Silent Hill deserves honorable mention, for being in effect a haunted entire other dimension.



A Haunted location is only as good as its home territory advantage. The poltergeisted building needs to draw its victim inside somehow. Many ghosts don’t require a home field advantage, the backstory permits the characters at least something in the way of mobility. After all, if you’re a restless spirit that has something left to do, whether it be killing a lot of people a la Crow, or getting the still-living to solve your murder as in Gothika, you have to be able to stalk people. Guillermo del Toro’s new opus Mama has a ghost that attaches itself to two little girls and follows them everywhere. Shutter, either version, literally demonstrates the weight one carries when one is responsible for creating a righteously furious ghost. Feardotcom even had crazy ghosts infiltrating computers to get their justice. The point is, these ghosts come to get you, and there is no hiding nor escape available, nor any real way to fight back.

So who wins? The answer to this is literally a matter of location. If the ghosts can get you inside the haunted house/hotel/dimension, that’s it, game over. But mobile ghosts don’t need that, and therefore they win.


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