Movie Moxie’s 31 Days of Halloween – Day 6 – VS. Fight Rocky vs. Repo!


No Halloween would be complete without a visit to the craziest transvestite party this side of the galaxy, the Rocky Horror Picture Show! I remember seeing it when I was young and thinking, I don’t get it. Sure we love Tim Curry in drag, with that incomparable voice and the way he struts those tights. And Riff Raff, Magenta and Columbia, Rocky himself, and of course Meatloaf! Everyone combines their various efforts into this raucous outrageous party that you just can’t help but sing along to! Even as I struggle to make sense of what plot there is, I can hear “Lets do the Time Warp again!” and my feet start moving. Rocky is such a sensation at this point, with the annual anniversary and late-late costumed showings in theaters, the fans who reenact the entire movie onstage, and the audience participation in showings that have actually been outlawed in some states! I finally figured out, Rocky doesn’t really need a plot I can get behind – we have the straight folks who get corrupted, enough singing and dancing to last me for years, and again, Tim Curry in drag! Did I mention I’m a fan?



Some years back, Repo! The Genetic Opera came out on film, and I was so floored. It’s true, there isn’t much dancing in Repo! but frankly there doesn’t need to be. The different styles of song showcased are phenomenal, given the power of voices like Anthony Head and Sarah Brightman of the legendary voice of Christine from Webber’s stage epic Phantom of the Opera, and Terrance Zdunich himself, who wrote the film and stars in it as Graverobber! A lot of people initially poopoo’d the movie simply because Paris Hilton is in it, but come on guys – you get to see her face fall off, what more can you want? Repo! happens to be a very dark and gothic future, bleak for humanity, and yet here we are, still singing and embracing the vissitudes of life. Even though for the Repo Man, that means taking back the organs from still-alive donors, that they got from GeneCo. Shilo herself delivers a fine performance too, though I’m still in love with Anthony Head’s Repo Man Nathan, and Zdunich’s Graverobber, especially him singing “Zydrate Anatomy”, that seems to be everyone’s favorite song. Repo! seems to be a Rocky for a future generation, right down to the near-cult fan base already, and did you know Repo! came from a stage play, too!

So who wins? Those wacky transvestites from Transylvania withstand the test of time, hell Rocky Horror Picture Show has been a fan phenomenon for longer than I’ve been alive!


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