Comic-Con International 2012 — 666 Park Avenue

Apparently based on a book of the same name by Gabriella Pierce, 666 Park Avenue is the story of a demonic building in Manhattan, and its’ disturbing residents.

Anyone who watched Lost, and I did like a fiend, will very likely enjoy this new show from CW for one particular reason – Terry O’Quinn, that’s right Mr. Locke his bad self, is the buildings owner and the primary Antagonist of the show. I remember evil Locke, and evil Gavin Doran, owner of the Drake, is awesome. His wife Olivia is acted by Vanessa Williams, and her ice is quite the amazing Evil Queen. Henry Martin and Jan Van Veen, a couple newly made the buildings managers, are quick to discover the buildings strange ways and other inhabitants.

At Comic-Con, they showed the entire Pilot episode at the Panel. I had only vaguely heard of the show via the CCI schedule and thought, hey, it sounded interesting, lets go see. I and many others in Room 6BCDF were pleased we were there, for the show was exhilaratingly evil and dark, but in a playful CW manner, which is hard to do and keep up. Then after the show, the Panel brought out Terry O’Quinn, delightfully engaging and honest about his very first Comic-Con, and Vanessa Williams in all her first-person glory. Rachael Taylor from Transformers as Jan was there, along with Dave Annable from Brothers and Sisters as Henry Martin, they seemed a little nervous to be there as the shows Protags.

The show itself looks like a fun romp through a very dark place, despite the likelihood that I and many other TV addicts will be able to predict everything that happens before it does. The owners grant wishes, of a sorts, to the buildings inhabitants, and after awhile their marker is called in and they become playthings of what is likely either the Devil or a very good Agent of his. We are all kinds of down for that!

Posted by Alicia Glass 


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