Horrible Imaginings presents Women in Horror Shorts 2012

Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Nursery Crimes

Director: L. Whyte

Review Rating: 9

A wonderful cartoon short involving traditional nursery rhymes with a sincerely criminal bent, the rhymes are even re-written to still rhyme but fit the short. I adored it.

The Party’s Over

Director: Gigi Romero

Review Rating: 7

So a guy and a friend of his are comparing notes over the phone about the wild drinking party bout they had last night, when an unexpected leftover guest makes her final appearance. Leaves a lot to the imagination, like good suspense horror does.

Cthulhu Triptych

Director: Paula Halfley

Review Rating: 8

H.P. Lovecraft’s famous dark God Cthulhu has been asleep for a very long time. What would happen if say, he woke in our time period and had to find a job and a girlfriend? The short is a fun slap at Cthulhu, even for a fan of his stories!


Internal Thoughts

Director: Lisa Coffelt & Cristyn Wingood

Review Rating: 7

A nasty little piece about a woman who fights with what she thinks is her own internal self, nagging and criticizing until she simply can’t take it anymore. Unsurprisingly, her internal thoughts manifest murder when they become external.


The Patchwork Monkey

Director: Susan Bell

Review Rating: 7

There’s an old grandmotherly type who makes stuffed plushies for neighborhood children, or so she says. And when her favorite patchwork monkey is given to a pair of disbelieving children, madness will ensue, and the monkey will get a new patch.


A Noiva (The Bride)

Director: Ana Almeida

Review Rating: 8

A Portugese horror film, about the legend of Almudena, a deadly bride who haunts the Dpuro river. Not a whole lot about the legend itself, but I did enjoy the suspense, and the makeup.


Summer of the Zombies

Director: Ashleigh Nicols & Eddie Beasley

Review Rating: 9

Ever hear of a vegetarian zombie? Me either. They did it anyway, in this awesomely well written and adorably well acted wacky short, all about, you guessed it, zombies! It’s a shame it wasn’t a true summer of zombie love, but there’s always room for more zombies!



Director: Melanie Light

Review Rating: 7

A woman goes for a jog in the wooded snows, to find herself being run down by what is proposed as an attacker, only to have the tables turned on him at the last second. Take a simple premise and run with it, no pun intended, and give it a nice dark twist at the end; I’ll devour the short.


Candy Snatchers

Director: Lance Dumais

Review Rating: 7

A gang of candy thieves get a real big surprise after a snatch and grab gone so well. It is rather unexpected what happens to them, but hey, thieves should get some sort of comeuppance.


Little Miss Muffin

Director: Reyna Young

Review Rating: 7

A very noir black and white old-fashioned piece, about Miss Muffin and her disagreement with a spider. It was certainly watchable, just not necessarily very original.



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