Movie Moxie covers SDLFF 2012 — Cine’Mation Shorts

Movie Moxie covers SDLFF 2012 – Cine’Mation Shorts


Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Cine’Mation Shorts



Director: Ernesto Felipez Diaz

Review Rating: 8

“Nothing happens by accident” is right. A short almost film noir piece about a mafia-style animal confrontation, where the Turtle Boss gets a lot more than he wanted after refusing to pay for his completed assassination! The style and the plot, though short, were really great – I enjoyed them.


Eso te Pasa Por Barraco

Director: Pablo Serrano Rosillo

Review Rating: 7

It’s done in a very claymation style, which I’m fine with, and almost no dialogue other than screaming. A man goes to a lot of effort to have a very fine Baroque chicken dinner, only to discover the chicken’s still alive! Very cute and dark at the same time.


Hoy no se Hace Pastel de Chucho

Director: Barulio Rodriguez

Review Rating: 8

An adorable little short about a diver who goes after a stingray for dinner, across a great expanse of ocean in a rather Finding Nemo style, only to be outraged and saddened by the dumping of garbage in the ocean that interferes with their life or death struggle with a different, much larger one. It reads very much like a “stop dumping in the ocean” PSA, which is more or less what it is.


Abdala el Regreso los Senores de Xibala

Director: Adrian Lopez Morin

Review Rating: 7

An apparent attempt to bring to life a sci-fi version of an Aztec epic poem by Jose Martin in 1869. The style is visually stunning, rather reminded me of Disney (and I do mean that complimentary), and the storyline is a bit like Reign the Conqueror, with the Sci-Fi elements for the younger generation thrown in. Trouble is, there are NO SUBTITLES. The characters get long diatribes and there’s even a scene with the heroes mother, and I can’t understand what they’re saying! It effectively ruined most of the enjoyment of this short for me.


El Camino de Las Gaviotas

Director: Alexander Rodriguez

Review Rating: 7

Once again, there were NO SUBTITLES. The cartoon was done in a rather simple pastel manner, something about a lonely girl who gets a visit from what I gather to be a God of Wind.


Akerbeltz, Las Brujas y El Inquisidor

Director: Cesar Urbina Vitoria

Review Rating: 7

And once again, no Subtitles. However, none of the characters spoke, so I really can’t complain. The story seems to center around a Spanish prison during the Inquisition, of torture and execution of women suspected of being witches. Chanting drifts out through the bars, and calls what I gather to be supernatural aid. The music was phenomenal.


El Duelo

Director: Christian Maldonado

Review Rating: 7

A western town in the middle of nowhere, where the cow sheriff and a fugitive pig is suddenly interrupted by what appears to be a meat delivery truck. Hilarity ensues. The claymation style is reminiscent of Wallace and Gromit, and I enjoyed that.


Zeinek Gehiago Iraun

Director: Gregorio Muro

Review Rating: 7

The short seems to center around one particular family, and the train that runs the tracks near them. The son has serious consequences that befall him after playing badly on the train tracks, which in turn makes life hard for his parents and eventually him. It’s a fine piece, if very sad, and I couldn’t help but wonder why these so-sad characters kept riding the same train and tracks without, I don’t know, some kind of backlash to them in particular.



Director: Rafael Velasquez Stanbury

Review Rating: 8

An adorably funny little short about a fight between a fountain pen and the letter D on a manuscript. I personally loved seeing the medium fight the method of transcribing, and I think wonderful little short was my favorite for this collection.


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