Movie Moxie covers Horrible Imaginings 2011 — Shorts 2


Star Beast

Director: Bob Rose

Review Rating: 6

I don’t get it, and I don’t care for it. The short appears to be…my guess is a pair of Gods who essentially have relations and then fart out the universe. The only reason it gets a 6 is because visually, it’s watchable.


Late Bloomer

Director: Craig Macneill

Review Rating: 8

A diatribe from an elementary schooler about the horrors of learning about the vagina and the penis, in front of your fellow schoolmates. The manner presented, the fabulous narration, and the performances of the kids and teachers is just awesome.


Fabrica de Munecas

Director: Ainhoa Menendez

Review Rating: 7

Lovely little piece about a doll factory worker who appears to be falling into humanity and some sense of individuality and even love. There’s almost no spoken words, but that’s okay. I didn’t see why it qualified as horror, but I did enjoy the short anyway.


The Familiar

Director: Kody Zimmerman

Review Rating: 8.5

The story of a human vampire helper, the Familiar, and how he became one, and the end of the vampire he serves. This is a very modern take on the whole vampire mythos, nobody sparkles, and is something just about any vampire fan can get behind. Kudos!


Billy Bob’s Zombie Emporium

Director: Kevin Perkins

Review Rating: 7

Nice little advertisement-style short about Billy Bob’s, where one can go hunt zombies with all sorts of weapons, in peace and privacy. Reminiscent of a commercial you’d find in Rob Zombie’s House of One Thousand Corpses.


Giant Rubber Monster Movie

Director: Thomas Berdinski

Review Rating: 7

As the title states, it’s a short tribute to Giant Rubber Monster movies. Something about later space races going back in time, a giant monster with an afro apparently coming and attacking earth, and a pedophile and a child space commander saving the earth! There were efforts at plot, no matter how campy, same for film shooting, and it was at least watchable, even if it’s not my thing.



Director: Sophia Segal

Review Rating: 7

A music video for Cavalcade (remix by Meat Beat Manifesto), with an old man, a poppet clown, a moneyface (?!), and a fellow gambler. The music I liked okay, and the video was certainly watchable, if not understandable. I mean, it’s a music video – it doesn’t have to have a story.

Reviewed by Alicia Glass



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