Movie Moxie covers Horrible Imaginings 2011


Road Rage

Director: Barbara Stepansky

Rating: 8

In a smart little ditty, a coffee house worker is on her way home and demonstrates her road rage for every single last person in her way, cutting her off, or otherwise preventing her from getting home! Only to find someone in a big red SUV with tinted windows doesn’t take kindly to all that, and is only too willing to clearly demonstrate it!


Demon Possessed Wife

Director: Dan Ochs

Rating: 6.5

It’s exactly what the title says it is – a demon-possessed wife, her husband, and a preacher all come to save her. I guess it’s supposed to be what they call “found footage”, like Blair Witch or something, but with a solid knowledge of makeup and acting, there’s plenty of room for an expanded story.


Juan Con Miedo

Director: Daniel Romero

Rating: 7

Beautifully shot, sadly I didn’t understand a word of it, as the short is in Spanish and there were no subtitles in the showing I caught. Still, it is beautifully shot, and the acting is well done.



Director: Lori Bowen

Rating: 7

A woman takes matters into her own hands concerning the freedom of the man who apparently raped and murdered her sister, and 11 other women besides. Again, this short could have done much better with a longer showing, there was no actual torture or gore, just her accusation and his denial, and then a shot of her all bloody. It started off smart, don’t end it so abruptly!



Director: Brenda & Elizabeth Fies

Rating: 8

This one, though it was only 5 minutes long, was cunning. A simple short of a woman who nervously gets on a subway, observes her fellow passengers, and makes a clear escape with the help of a supposed doctor who informs her one of the fellow passengers was dead. The music helps the scene, and for some reason I couldn’t quite put my finger on, I just really liked this one.


Reviewed by Alicia Glass


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  1. Thank you for the review! I appreciate it!

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