Movie Moxie covers Anime Conji, Day 2 & Beyond


So Saturday I can’t recall doing a whole lot of specific anything. I thought the lines and the madness of cosplay and uber-squee would only get worse, and I was right. Not that that’s a bad thing mind you, it just doesn’t necessarily happen to be my thing.

I wandered past the Mochi Maid Café, like I did last year, and boy were those adorable maids having themselves a good time: parlor games, tea, various nibbles, and of course that attitude that is exclusively Mochi Maid. I know it’s kawaii enough to make your teeth ache, but I like them. We all need a Mochi Maid, or Butler too, to bring a moment of inescapable cute once in awhile.

I wandered past the Karaoke contest, and found myself wishing I had bought some of those earmuffs shaped like onirigi, and hurried away. No I’m kidding, they weren’t that bad, but I didn’t chose to stay and watch the whole thing.

As I was preparing to leave, I overheard the end of The Black Crystals set up on stage, that was quite enjoyable too. Saturday I chose to go and attend some of my own parties rather than Pirate Rum or the Best Of Rocky Horror, but I’ve already heard wild stories about the great fun!

Sunday I went and checked out Cosplay Chess briefly, whoever came up with that one was brilliant. Imagine a bunch of grown (and some not so grown) folk in full-on costume, and not necessarily just Anime either, playing a large live game of chess! It’s awesome to watch. Though that does bring to mind one odd question I had – why were there so many Disney inspired costumes this year? My youngest brother-in-law says claims it’s the fault of the Disney video game Kingdom Hearts, and personally I think he’s right. Still, it’s a little odd to see Flynn Rider from Tangled together with what I would consider a Sailor Moon girly girl.

I didn’t catch the actual Fashion Show itself, but I did catch the lovely ladies still in their dresses as they floated off for photos, so here’s a few!

Also on Sunday I went to the Obento Art workshop that was offered, I’m always interested in foodstuffs and the like. The workshop was presented by the same Lady who had been selling onigiri, or rice balls, throughout the entire Con. She brought rice and nori, seaweed that is, and let us crazy Con-goers make our own onigiri, which is actually kind of like a Japanese sandwich – rice on the outside, some sort of filling on the inside. Ours were simpler onigiri, but we got to make them by hand, the class asked for no donation of any kind, and we all made friends in the doing! We need more workshops like that, seriously.

Thus ends my second Anime Conji experience, and it was a greatly enjoyable one all-around. My only final thought would be that they seriously need more what we would call Cultureisms, workshops and panels. I saw a lot of older fans and fan-atics who adored doing the calligraphy workshop, or the Obento one, and greatly desired more like it, me included. A riotous and glorious Anime Conji 2011 to everyone!

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