V Carpio from Spider-Man on Broadway and the Neil Burger’s upcoming Limitless

Brigade has recently started working with the beautiful stage and screen actress TV Carpio, who currently boasts a significant role in the upcoming musical Spider-Man on Broadway

This is actually the second time TV has worked with Julie Taymor following their successful collaboration in the acclaimed feature film Across the Universe (TV starred as Prudence who sang the very memorable rendition of “I Want To Hold Your Hand”).

Below is a still of TV from Across the Universe; also, please check out the following segment from 60 Minutesin which she is featured along with Bono and the cast of Spider-Man on Broadway HERE.

TV Carpio Across the Universe

To give you a bit more background about this exciting, young star-on-the-rise: Teresa Victoria Carpio, better known as TV, was born in Oklahoma City, but moved to and grew up in New York and in Hong Kong with her mother, Teresa Carpio, who is a household name as a singer and entertainer in Asia. By junior high, TV’s family had moved back to the States where her promising ice-skating career was curtailed by an unfortunate injury. Upon graduation from high school she took time out to become fluent in Spanish before enrolling herself into the jazz program at the New School University in New York City.
TV appeared as a dancer in music videos for Bruce Springsteen and Whitney Houston, among others, which led to small parts on television’s “Law and Order” and “The Jury.”  As an alto soprano she sang with the Hong Kong Philharmonic in her mother’s acclaimed Diva concerts, playing and singing the part of her mother as an 18 years old.
From there she landed the role of Gail in Spike Lee’s She Hate Me, followed by the role of Angela in Lee’s Sucker Free City for Showtime.
Deciding to focus on acting, she moved to Los Angeles, and within a few months she was cast as Prudence in Julie Taymor’s, Across The Universe.
She then moved back to New York and was cast as Alexi Darling in Rent on Broadway.
Recently she landed the role of Valerie in the upcoming Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper film Limitless (formerly The Dark Fields), directed by Neil Burger and to be released in March 2011 by Relativity in which TV and Cooper share some particularly intimate on-screen moments.


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