American Horror vs. Asian Horror


American Horror vs. Asian Horror

The Ghosts

As I’m sure most of you horror-philes will find, a great deal of the Asian Horror movies that have been put out, and will be, involved a truly terrifying fear of ghosts. And why is that? Well, a whole ton of the myriad Asian cultures have to do with the dead – their burial practices, what happens to the spirit, concern for the family left behind, etc. And let’s face it – a vengeful ghost does not need to have a reason for what it does, nor can a ghost be reasoned with or stopped in any real way. I think the triple threat of wildly popular Amer-Asian remakes: The Ring, The Eye, and The Grudge, might be able to be explained in this fashion. Each remake does deal with ghosts or at least vengeful spirits, but the remakes give at least an attempt at a reason why the ultra-scary snow-white ghost with stringy black hair is going to eat your soul. I still maintain, though, that the original scary stories were better, possibly due to their complete lack of an explanation for the insane spirits. A fright that we simply cannot comprehend is so much more lastingly scary.

Everything Else

A whole ton of Asian mythology revolves around Demons (yes they do call them that, but it means something a lot different), shape-shifters, succubi equivalent and the like. So when we Americans come out with things like Werewolves and Abomination Half-Breeds (see Underworld), most of the Asian community reacts with the following: “Oh, he shifts his shape? That’s so cool!” And a succubus, or vampire, always has a weakness, an Achilles heel to be exploited somewhere, the heroes of the story just need to find it. A fairly common storyline is the vampire hunter who happens to be part vampire himself, and those wacky Asians did it long before we had Van Helsing. Forgive me for going there, but Inuyasha is a perfect example of what I mean.

Whatever your pleasure this Halloween 2010, be in ghosts or shape-shifting demons, vengeful spirits or crazy-scary succubi, I wish you a frightfully good time!

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