Warner Bros. expects to release at least one DC superhero movie each year

source: hollywoodreporter

Warner Bros. is likely to release one or two DC Entertainment superhero movies a year to help pick up the slack after the Harry Potter franchise comes to an end, DC chief creative officer Geoff Johns said Friday.

Asked at a crowded session at New York Comic-Con about how many post-Potter DC tentpoles fans should expect, the fanboy-favorite writer said: “You will see at least one, I’d expect two a year.”

He didn’t mention a specific start time for this release strategy.

Warner executives have previously signalled that the recent DC reorganization will help it better mine the company’s catalog of superheroes in the post-Potter age.

Johns on Friday also told the fanboys and -girls that “Green Lantern” is in post-production, and a trailer for the movie will be part of the upcoming “Harry Potter” release.

Johns, who was warmly and fondly received by the crowd, answered questions without discussing or confirming specific superhero film plans beyond the upcoming June release of “Green Lantern” and announced new Batman and Superman films.

For example, asked if he could confirm that “Green Lantern” is planned as a film trilogy, he replied, “Can’t comment.”

And asked if he could confirm an expected “Flash” movie that hasn’t been formally announced, Johns said he couldn’t discuss that. He summarized that “there is a ton of stuff we’ve talked about,” and added
he expects announcements “very, very soon.”


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