Reviewed by: John Burrell Jr.

Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Director: Christopher Nolan

Review Rating: 9.5

Christopher Nolan has become one of my new movie director go to guy. He took a all but squandered franchise in the Batman series and turned it in to box office magic. Now he’s gone and returned with Inception a movie he wrote the screenplay for. I looked forward to this film since the first time I laid eyes on the trailer. It’s a crazy mind screwer of a film where Leonardo DiCaprio and crew traverse the subconscious dreams of themselves and others.

DiCaprio turns in another of his signature great performances as Cobb a thief of a different kind. He steals secrets from the minds of his victims while through shared dreams. He’s joined by a crew of cohorts consisting of Arthur ( Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Ariadne (Ellen Page), Saito (Ken Watanabe), Yusef (Dileep Rao), and Eames (Tom Hardy) each with their integral parts to play in this Cobb’s final mental act of crime. Now, Cobb specializes in extraction (taking ideals and secrets from peoples minds) but this time Saito (a CEO of a powerful Japanese company) wants him perform inception (the act of planting an ideal in someone) on his main competitor. This process is decidedly harder to accomplish and more risky for the victim and perpetrators. There are multiple revelations throughout the entire film as you know pretty much nothing about Cobb early on except that he can’t return to his children in the USA and that if he completes this mission for Saito he will be able to see them again.

As the story progresses Cobb’s past begins to endanger the whole crew and the twists and turns of this reality bender really begin to kick in. This film is extremely long with a run time of 2 hours and 28 minutes. The length of the film may also test some viewers attention span when coupled with the multi-layered dreams concept but it’s more than well worth it to train your eyes on every detail of this film. I know a few people who’ve had to watch this movie twice to catch little details that explain certain things it’s what makes this movie so great. It’s got something for all sorts of movie goers. There’s high energy gunfights and fight sequences and the cerebral subject matter and story telling will satisfy folks from the Steven Segal film school to the most sophisticated movie snobs.

Christopher Nolan was able to direct the hell out of this film and the actors responded with amazing performances. I believe this is a movie that movie goers should be required to watch because it is an experience. It’s one of those movies that the entire theater talks about the moment it’s over and for a while later on amongst friends, at work, or on their blogs.


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