Remember Me

Reviewed by: Mary Ann Quidem


Director: Allen Coulter

Studio: Summit Entertainment

Review Rating:  9


The movie takes place in New York City and follows the lives of Tyler Hawkins (Robert Pattinson) and Ally Craig (Emile de Ravin).  The story line revolves about the tragedy that Tyler and Ally have experienced growing up and how they cope with it through the unlikely relationship they start together.


At first glance, this movie seems like another chick flick. The fact that it stars Twilight star Robert Pattinson doesn’t help this assumption.  I was hesitant to watch it because of the chick flick factor but this movie is so much more.  The underlying tone of the movie is to not let life pass you by because everything can change in a single second.   I believe that Robert Pattinson’s role in this breaks through his Edward Cullen acting stereotype and brings him onto a higher level as an actor.  Emile de Ravin’s performance brings the perfect balance to Ally; she’s stuck between being an innocent girl to a grown women and all the emotion from both is conveyed with ease.  Along the way there are personable supporting actors (Pierce Bronsan and Tyler’s father, Chris Cooper as Ally’s father) that help bring the story full circle.  The biggest problem I had with the movie was the twist at the end.  Though I do not want to spoil the ending, I will say that the twist is a major surprise and may not seem like it fits into the overall plot.  But, once the viewers are presented with the aftermath of the twist, it just ends up reinforcing the overall message of the movie.


The Evolution Factor: High.  The characters and story are just so personable that any one of any age could empathize with what they are going through.


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