Studio: Lionsgate

Director: Matthew Vaughn

MPAA Rating: R

Review Rating: 8.5

I will be completely honest from the get go. When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I thought two things. That little girl is gonna ruin it, and I bet it’ll be over-hyped. I take it all back! After watching this movie I felt like it was worth watching. Be wary of reviews as they do not do justice to this film. Sure there’s a plethora of violence, but umm…THE MOVE IS CALLED KICK-ASS. It seems the main problem with the movie is the fact that an 11 year old is doing most of the butt-kicking. Some people, like myself, think it’s just TOO unrealistic for a child do be involved in a gratuitous amount of violence and the fact that they try to pull off some of the most ridiculous stunts involving every type of gun in the book  makes it even more unrealistic. They do redeem it with story though. It explains why a child could have such skill, why a father is set so hard on revenge, and why a teenager decides one day to buy a wetsuit and try to take down crime.

The story is about Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) wanting to be a super hero from the beginning. One day he pursues his dreams and purchases a wetsuit of his own and goes out to defend the helpless. Through a series of unfortunate events he ends up beaten and hospitalized. After having such a crushing defeat he decides to try it one more time. A hero’s life is complicated, as he finds out, and through his facebook page he keeps track of all the people calling for help all while keeping his social life a secret. After trying to impress a girl by invading a drug dealers home, he meets Hit-Girl and Big Daddy (Chloe Moretz ,Nicolas Cage) and through them realizes that he cannot be the hero everyone needs. Unfortunately for him a drug-lord Frank D’Amico( Mark Strong) is on his tail and blames him for the killings going around of his men. Now Hit-Girl and Big-Daddy need to help Kick-Ass from peril and get revenge on the drug-lord that ruined their lives.

Now, just to be absolutely clear, this film is rated R. So this isn’t a kid’s film by any means. There’s more profanity than most R-rated movies I’ve seen and coming from children kinda makes it a bit more shocking if anything. On the other hand, times have changed and so will the way children in movies are presented, so I just say go for it. As far as the violence, yeah there’s blood, the occasional head shot, and even 11-year old punches to the nose. If none of this bothers you then I definitely recommend checking out Kick-Ass. It’s not exactly a family movie, so I’d leave the kids out of this. I still have high hopes for much better reviews on this move, seeing that most critics are giving it poor scores on OLD moral’s.  And if your asking yourself that one question everyone seems to ask…..yes, this move is indeed kick-ass!

by Marcio Guastavino



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