Take two what Hollywood should consider remaking

Hollywood has had some hit and misses with making some of our childhood favorites. With successful movies that include characters such as iron man, the dark night, and optimus prime, it is only a matter of time until we can expect films like the smurfs.

There are some untouched movie grates from the 1970 and 1980s that would look spectacular with today’s technology. The last star fighter with its early star wars like footage and puppet work would get a fresh new look.  The death blossom scene would look ten times better and the host of alien characters would have more imagentive charactristics. Another film that would benefit greatly is dragon slayer the quality of stunt work and character movements would make this movie an eye opener. The special effects would not look as dated and the story has a possibility of caring this tale to modern ordinances. Labyrinth and the dark crystal have great stories and strong characters. But a little help with digital media could not hurt.

Now there are movies that should NEVER be touched by Hollywood under penalty of death. The wizard of oz is one of the great movie classics that would not benefit from today’s magical crayolas. why would you wast the time to modernize a musical? Another is gone with the wind this movie is a period movie adding fire and tumble weeds in CG is not going to help the house will still burn down and the tumble weeds will still role. Finally Jaws was a movie built on suspense not graphic’s. The characters and sinister sounding background track make up for the shark’s unrealistic movements if you want to see a modern jaws movie see deep blue sea I’m sure Samuel Jackson would approve.

I’m sure there are a ton of movies that Hollywood studios have tucked away in there great vaults and there simply waiteing to spring them on use like bear traps. I guess we will have to wait and see what classics are truly classics or who gets put though a makeover.

By Angie Quidim


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