Assume the position and get Bitch slap

By Chris Sweda

Take a stripper, guns, violence, and comics, add some bad langue and a jewel heist bake it for about 109 minutes and you will have Director Rick Jacobson movie bitch slap. This is a b movie at the very best (B movie: A B movie is a low-budget commercial motion picture conceived neither as an art house film nor as pornography). To be honest the movie is a strange one but does offer the watcher a wide verity of twists and turns. The movie does however have some down falls. One of which is the constant use of past flash backs I hate it when a movie uses too many of these it just makes everything too confusing when too many are used. The other is the story just seemed boring to me but that’s just me all in all I did however like the movie. The plot is simple.  When three curvaceous babes Trixie (Julia Voth), Hel(Erin  Cummings) and Camero (America Olivo) arrive at a desert hideaway to steal from an underworld kingpin, things quickly spiral out of control. Allegiances are switched, truths are revealed, criminals are unmasked and nothing is quite what it seems as the fate of the world is precariously balanced among this trio of sexy femmes fatales. Now this movie also has some elements of comedy, a few cut scenes feels like you watching a miller light commercial, but all in all this movie has a wide verity of celebrities in it like Lucy Lawless as Mother Superior, Dennis Keiffer as MacDaddy, and even Kevin Sorbo as Mr. Phoenix. A leader of well you’ll just have to rent the movie to see. Here is a trailer to decide for yourself if this is a movie you like


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