Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland – a first look through the looking glass

Burton’s version will be a sort-of sequel in which a 17-year-old Alice returns to Wonderland, allowing for a darker, more adult-orientated vision that takes in characters and storylines from both Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Frankly, the sight of seven-time Burton collaborator Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, resembling a dayglo-version of Adam Ant in his heyday, with a bit of Ronald McDonald thrown in for good measure, looks enough to have most small children running screaming from the room in terror.Not that Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen is any less frightening, that horrible receding hairline and flame-red hairdo contrasting rather hideously with the obligatory deathly pallor. And her over-sized head! Who would do this to their other half? In Burton’s version, the character, who is actually an amalgam of the Red Queen and the Queen of Hearts from Carroll’s original tales, has a whole moat-full of bobbing bonces, presumably culled from the necks of unfortunate victims of that famous refrain: “Off with their heads!” Set against the Red Queen is Anne Hathaway’s White Queen, the kinder monarch who is betrayed by her evil sister. There has always been something slightly other-worldly about the beautiful Hathaway’s features; perhaps those ever-so-slightly over-large eyes. This makes her pretty much perfect for the role, the white-blonde hair and dark eyebrows combining to make her look even more alien. She’ll be working with Burton for the first time on the new film


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