Spotlight on Irene Bedard


Reviewed by Glenda Glass

Irene Bedard, Native American film star and singer, graced the Annual Imperial Beach Pow Wow by the Sea with her illuminating presence, and even answered a few questions.


Bedard was the voice talent and physical model for the title character of Disney’s Pocahontas

She also lends voice talent to the recurring character Jean DeWolff on The Spectacular Spider-man

She has starred in the movies Tortilla Heaven with George Lopez, Cosmic Radio with Michael Madsen

Bedard also stars in Timberwolf, due out next year
She will be performing in a new movie from producer Brad Pitt, Tree of Life

Irene is in a singing band with her husband Deni, and both are currently hard at work on their 4th album, Ravenboy


Asked her opinion on the stereotype of Native Americans in movies, Bedard had this to say: “Just like Denzel Washington doesn’t choose film roles specifically only for a black lead, I accept the roles I like. I do try, though, to bring some of the Native American spirit to whatever role I’m in, through the clothing or jewelry, etc.”


One Response to “Spotlight on Irene Bedard”

  1. Care to slice and dice a few sterotypes? Check out Wes Studi’s “The Only Good Indians”–if Winter Fox Frank’s performance–and the role–doesn’t knock your socks off, nothing will. Thanks for posting this piece on Irene Bedard–she was wonderful in Smoke Signals –oh so long ago and far away…

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