Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Studio: Europa Corp.

MPAA Rating: PG 13

Director: Pierre Morel

Review Rating: 6.5


When his daughter is kidnapped on holiday and forced into the slave trade, her father, a former spy, is forced to use all his skills to get her back.


As much as I think Liam Neeson is awesome and does wonderful at the fatherly roles like Qui-Gon in Star Wars, and the cultural badass roles, as in Rob Roy, this movie really doesn’t measure up. Neeson runs around as the concerned father and former spy with all sorts of mad skillz used to get his daughter out of the situation she got herself into by, gee, not listening to her father in the first place. And while Neeson tries very hard to bring forth a Hitman-like concern and method, the character they gave him mostly fails to deliver. Shannon Grace, of dubious Lost fame, plays Kim, the blithe and somewhat estranged daughter who gets herself into far more than she can handle. I would’ve thought, being the daughter of a super uber top spy or whatever, that she would at least have had some training in simple self defense skills. Or, that her daddy would have her constantly being watched by some of his old spy buddies, that’s a fairly standard movie practice. But no, sadly none of the above happens. And we have Famke Janssen as Lenore, the concerned mother who completely flips out when she hears what happened to her beloved daughter, and demands that father Bryan bring their daughter home, whatever it takes. Which, while more or less fine, isn’t really a role designed for Janssen, she’s better at the psychotic butt-kickery roles, like X-Men.


Most people will see Taken to finally see Liam Neeson in a spiffy spy role, sadly, prepare to be disappointed.


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