Holiday Top 10!







1.    The Dark Knight

This movie is absolutely fantastic, even with the posthumous praise for poor Heath Ledger. Amazing storyline, costumery and gadgetry, plus a whole passel of droolworthy actors! The perfect movie to give on DVD for Christmas 2008.




 2.    Iron Man

 Something to actually save Robert Downey Jr.’s career, Iron Man is a crazy, wonderful machine-driven, smack-talkin romp of a movie, and one that actually, almost any age can watch and cheer for!








3.   Hellboy 2 The Golden Army


Everyone’s favorite big red guy is back with his teammates, taking on the Fairies and the Elves. This is a hugely fantastical movie, a visual treat for everyone!









4.   The Incredible Hulk


Finally, there’s a Hulk we can be proud of. Edward Norton is fantastic as Bruce Banner and that poor green misunderstood guy too, along with Liv Tyler as Betty Ross, and her father General ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross leading the chase after Banner with Tim Roth as the Abomination! Awesome cinematography, action scenes and plot, worth every penny.









5.    Kung Fu Panda


Jack Black finally has a role, as a panda yes but still, that really does bring out the pride of being different and learning you can do anything you put your mind to. That, and the CG used in this movie is staggeringly beautiful.










6.    Death Race


Not just about cars crashing and severely violent deaths, Jason Statham manages to inject some realism into this thrill-ride of a movie!









7.    Wanted


Far too much emphasis is placed on dear Jolie as Fox, but then yes she is dead sexy. Wanted still strikes me as a lot like Fight Club, and I adored that movie. This one, almost as good, is wickedly fun!









8.    Walle


Yes yes, had to have at least one true kiddie movie in this list. Walle is adorable and campy and wondrous, yes, but it is also a little preachy too. If you can ignore that, and of course we can, enjoy the trash compactor robot that will steal your heart!








9.    Mutant Chronicles

 The world as we know it has ended, a machine came from space that started turning all of humanity into mutants, the machine was sealed and more or less forgotten except by an ancient religious order, now led by none other than Ron Perlman’s character, Brother Samuel. The Corporations of the world, endlessly battling eachother, are now about to discover true horror when they uncover the machine on a battlefield and set loose the mutants! Brother Samuel puts together a crack team of soldiers on a last suicide mission to go destroy the machine once and for all.

This really is a wonderful movie, a kind of “in the trenches” with mutant zombies romp. Throw in the mix people like Ron Perlman, Thomas Jane and Devon Aoki, and you’ve got a win! The backgrounds occasionally leave a bit to be desired, but oh does this movie make up for it with plot.









10.    The Spirit


 I know, I know, The Spirit isn’t out yet and of course I haven’t seen it. However, I know I will see it, and I’m betting the movie will break all sorts of box office records and be hugely popular, therefore of course it makes the Top 10 list.

This movie, as I hear it, is about a murdered Detective who comes back from the beyond to take out the city’s bad guys, one in particular, the Octopus. With that in mind, it sounds even a little like The Crow, which happens to be my favorite movie of all time: Win x5. And this movie is done in the style of Sin City, which basically equals a Win x10! Go Spirit!


Written by Alicia Glass


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