Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Studio:  Crescendo Productions

MPAA Rating: PG 13

Director: Jeffrey Nachmanoff

Review Rating: 7


Former U.S. Army Special Forces expert in explosives, American Muslim Samir Horn is deep undercover in American terrorist cells, with the FBI hot on his heels!


Plots within plots, wheels within wheels, where every single move or action has at least three separate reasons and you’re never quite sure what they are until long after the desired result has been obtained, whee! I love movies and shows like this. Don Cheadle gives a surprisingly fantastic performance as Samir Horn, his restraint of emotion comes across beautifully, like a lid on a simmering kettle. And when he does finally yell and throw things, it’s for a very very good reason. For more than half the movie, you’re never quite sure if Horn is working for America, himself, the bad guys, or what. And when who Horn really is working for is revealed, you get a much better understanding of the incredible danger Horn’s really in.


Guy Pearce, of Memento fame, plays the FBI agent Roy Clayton who’s chasing Horn all over the place. It’s a bit hard to watch Pearce act as a straight-laced FBI Tom, but that does add to the breathless pace of the movie.


Unfortunately, Traitor will likely fade into obscurity. But for people who adored movies like The Bourne Ultimatum and shows like Sleeper Cell, this one is so for you!


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