Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Studio: Lionsgate

MPAA Rating: R

Director: Phillip G. Atwell

Review Rating: 7


FBI Agent Jack Crawford hunts down the assassin known as Rogue, who killed his partner.


It may seem like a totally used plot for a movie, but WAR is anything but. Granted, the first half of the movie, in which we outline the plot basis–Jack Crawford’s partner Tom and his wife and child are murdered by the triads and this mysterious Rogue assassin—is completely predictable. What happens after that, though, when Crawford goes crazy hunting Rogue after a 3 year absence, is anything but predictable.

Rogue, played by Jet Li, seems to be very stoic and unemotional, the epitome of the unflappable assassin, or so we think. Turns out there’s a very good reason he’s so unresponsive, and when it finally comes at the end of the movie, be prepared for a shock. There’s little in the way of actual fight scenes between Statham and Li, which is a shame, because they’re both renowned martial artists. But the plot more than makes up for it. And Devon Aoki, the lovely apparition from such films as Sin City, does a fine job as the triad boss’ daughter who wields a sharp stiletto and an even sharper tongue.


The surprise ending, for both Crawford and Rogue, makes WAR a must-see and must-buy!


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