Perfect Stranger











Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Studio: Revolution Studios

MPAA Rating: R

Director: James Foley

Review Rating: 7 of 10


Journalist Rowena Price goes undercover to determine if businessman Harrison Hill is the murderer of her best friend, embroiling Price in a potentially deadly game of cat and mouse.


This movie didn’t get anywhere near the press it deserved, and will have to be content with a relatively small but devoted cult-style following. That said, it really was a good movie. There’s a lot of online flirting in that potentially scary, “hey, that could happen to me” kind of way, and when it goes beyond flirting, your heart climbs into your throat. There isn’t a whole lot of actual payoff as far as violence and plot wrapup until the very end of the movie, but believe me, if you can sit through it and pay attention, the surprise IS worth it.


Berry does a fine job at the role of scared but determined woman, very much in the style of Gothika, another Berry Triumph. Bruce Willis does well for the role they give him, it’s just so hard to watch him as a hard-nosed businessman with a harem of easy women, when we’re used to seeing him dodging exploding cars. And Giovanni Ribisi does an excellent role as the over-obsessive and helpful friend to Price’s character, entirely believeable when we find out just how obsessive he really is.


Perfect Stranger is worth more than just a glance, especially for those of you who adore it when you simply did not see that ending coming!


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