88 Minutes











Reviewed by Alicia Glass

Studio:  Millenium Films

MPAA Rating: R

Director: Jon Avnet

Review Rating: 7




 Premiere forensic psychologist to the FBI in Seattle, Professor Jack Gramm’s past catches up with him as he’s informed on the same day a criminal he helped put away is going to be executed, that he has 88 minutes left to live.


We expect better of Mr. Pacino. Not as far as the acting goes, that is always fantastic from him. No, we expect better script selection from such a fine actor. Just look at The Devil’s Advocate. At any rate, while it is vaguely fun to see Pacino running around ducking explosions and being charmingly awkward with students who are former lovers (naughty!) through this movie, it hardly lets his acting talents shine.

LeeLee Sobieski, Alicia Witt and Amy Brenneman are all fun to watch, running around doing stuff for or against Gramm and having him frantic because of it. But, the plot seems muddled and confused, even at the end when they try to wrap everything up in a Saw montage style. And the true bad guy, if you’re paying attention, is completely



For Al Pacino womanizing, frantic, sexy and manic, look to the classic Scarface.


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